Why Bacchanal Jamaica’s Carnival more young revellers Playin’ Mas in 2016

“We have seen an increase in the numbers we take at the gate, and the number of costumes sold. There’s a whole new cadre of people supporting carnival… the young and middle-aged crowd. Not only just those who go to Trinidad”

Director of Bacchanal Jamaica, Michael Ammar Jr commenting on the upcoming events for Jamaica Carnival 2016

It’s official! Jamaica is now a Carnival revellering Nation as now the younger generation is coming on board.

Why Bacchanal Jamaica’s Carnival more young revellers Playin’ Mas in 2016

The Bacchanal Jamaica’s 2016 season has begun. The first event is the Bacchanal New Year — Fete and Band Launch on Friday January 8th 2015 (Bonitto, 2016, January 08) was at the Mas Camp at the National Stadium.

Of course, I’ve been expecting this since November 2015, when I first saw the Bacchanal Jamaica @BacchanalJA  post on their Twitter page.

The list of parties at Mas Camp is also out and you’ll definitely have to break your piggy bank if you want to participate in this one:

  • General tickets: Presold JA$1500; Gate JA$2000
  • VIP tickets: Presold JA$4000; Gate JA$4500

I’m assuming there will soon be Season pass tickets, as having to pay each time to enter will not sit well with many foreign nationals travelling who will be descending on Mas Camp to Socasize and Party every Friday until Bacchanal Road March on Sunday April 3rd 2016!

So what had changed in this season of Jamaica Carnival that’s worth looking forward to enjoying?

Jamaica Carnival and Millennials – New Generation loves the music, colours and Revelry

For one, it seems the millennials (age 18 to 28) are finally accepting Carnival as a part of Jamaica’s culture!

Why the Jamaican Chicken Shortage of 2015 might be ending in 2016 - 08-01-2015 LHDEER

It’s now as recognized as Trinidad Carnival and is unique, showcasing aspect of Jamaica music and culture, quote: “Trinidad Carnival Diary says Bacchanal is the second best Caribbean carnival next to Trinidad and Tobago and Trini Jungle Juice gave us a 98 out of 100. Bacchanal Jamaica is a Jamaican product. It’s very unique.  Something we should be proud of”

The demographic that participates is shifting, away from a more educated well-heeled crowd with prior experience with carnival to a younger set of revellers in the past decade.

This hints at the continuation of the tradition of Playing Mas and Carnival which started with Byron Lee (Deer, 2015, February 17) twenty seven (27) years ago catching on with the younger crowd to quote Director of Bacchanal Jamaica, Michael Ammar Jr: “Carnival in Jamaica is 27 years old and we are seeing a lot of people in their 20s coming to the events.”

With a total of 23 events, including Socasize and Baccahanal Friday events to get you fit for Beach Jouvert, Bacchanal Revellers Fete, Bacchanal Jouvert, culminating in the Bacchanal Road March, this is probably the largest party in Jamaica, if not the Caribbean.

Director of Bacchanal Jamaica, Michael Ammar Jr says the crowds are huge, bearing testament to the growth of Carnival in Jamaica, quote: “Bacchanal is the single biggest festival in Kingston. We have 23 events over eight weeks. Our opening and closing nights are usually big while Friday nights are usually steady. The smallest one is about 1,500 to 4,000—5,000. Definitely growth, bare in mind this is in the context of tight economic constraints”.

The costumes are not out yet, as the website is currently being updated at the time of writing this article. I’ll be sure to do a follow up on the costumes, a part of the attraction to many of the revellers is the feathered costumes that make Jamaica Carnival so vibrant and colouful.

Bacchanal Jamaica Website

Bacchanal Jamaica Twitter Page

Bacchanal Jamaica Facebook Page


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