US$149 Intel Compute Stick (2016) rocks with improved Core M Skylake Processors

Intel, not one to rest on their laurels in 2016, has decided to give their Intel Compute Stick (Deer, 2015, January 15) an upgrade.

How the Intel Compute stick (2016) has improved with 32-bit Windows 10

The new second generation US$159 Intel Compute Stick (2016) (Hardawar, 2016, January 22), which originally made its debut at CES 2015 (Deer, 2015, January 15) is a lot bigger and has more features.

In fact, at CES 2016, the US$159 Intel Compute Stick (2016) won the Editors’ Choice Award from USA Today’s as well as Computer Shopper’s Best of CES as per their Press Release on January 11th 2016 titled Intel Brings Home Top Awards, Recognition during CES 2016.

So they’re really off to a good start in 2016!

Intel Compute Stick 2016 –Improved design with curvy aesthetics

It still plugs into the back of your HDTV, such as the Samsung (Deer, 2015, January 10) UHDTV running Tizen OS with the new SmartThings Platform (Deer, 2016, January 3) via the HDMI port.

The design has been spiffed up a bit, now with smooth curved edges and perforated openings for its tiny fans that keep this little thing from overheating. The Intel Compute Stick is much improved using Intel’s 6th-generation Core M Skylake Processors (Portnoy, 2016, January 7), the smaller version to the ones used (Deer, 2015, December 14)  in their Intel Grass Canyon NUC PC’s.

This is a huge step up from their Atom Z3735F Processor (Deer, 2015, January 15) used in the 2015 version of the Intel Compute Stick. You can still get the 2016 version of the Intel Compute Stick that has the Atom Z3735F Processors but runs on your choice of OS, be it Windows 10 of your flavour of Linux.

But the price for either the Core M Skylake Processor or the Atom Z3735F Processor is the same: US$159.

The specs are similar to the original Intel Compute Stick, sporting a 2GB RAM that’s upgradable to 4GB RAM (Cunningham, 2016, January 22) and a microSD slot for an additional 128GB of storage a boost to the 32GB of internal storage.

It also comes with a HDMI dongle to make it easier to plug into the back of most HDTV. This as its boxy design makes it a little hard to wedge into the space at the back of your HDTV.

Improved Wi-Fi and more USB ports – Hydrogen Fuel Cell needed to make this truly portable

The Internet connectivity is also much improved thanks to a 2×2 antenna array for improved 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth connectivity for your Apple Mouse (Deer, 2016, January 12), Keyboard and Trackpad.

How the Intel Compute stick (2017) has improved with 32-bit Windows 10

Still, it’s got two USB ports this time around with one of them being a USB 3.0, making super fast file transfers possible or just simply connecting a standard mouse and a US$100 Microsoft (Deer, 2015, July 21) Universal foldable keyboard.

My only grouse it that it’s still powered by a micro-USB port for the power adapter, something I thought would have changed for something more elegant, such as a built in Li-Ion Battery with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Deer, 2015, August 24).

This is a much improved Stick computer and albeit a bit pricier than the (Deer, 2015, July 1) US$129 Ideacentre Stick 300, it’s got the added perk of being able to order it (Deer, 2015, April 6) with either 32-bit Windows 10 (Cunningham, 2016, January 22) or your flavour of Linux!

Here’s the link:

Intel Brings Home Top Awards, Recognition during CES 2016


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