JA$250 million TPDCO’s Beach Upgrade Programme sees Lyssons Beach and Marking Stone become Public Beaches

“This underscores once again that tourism is not an enclave sector that benefits only large investors, resort and attraction owners and the workers in the industry but should and must have a direct and positive impact on the lives of citizens across Jamaica,”

Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill commenting during a signing over ceremony at the TPDCO (Tourism Development Product Company) in New Kingston

Bit by bit, Jamaica is slowly getting back control of our beaches.

Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill has made the following beaches accessible to the general public (Loop Jamaica, 2016, January 27), by placing them under the care of the respective Parish councils:

  • Lyssons Beach in St Thomas
  • Marking Stone Beach In Annotto Bay, St Mary

This Beach Transformation is being done to the tune of JA$250 million under the TPDCO’s Beach Upgrade Programme.

JA$250 million TPDCO's Beach Upgrade Programme sees Lyssons Beach and Marking Stone become Public Beaches

Already, they’ve upgraded the two beaches being released into Public Hands as follows:

  • JA$30.5 million for the Lyssons Beach
  • JA$28.1 million for the while Marking Stone

These two (2) beaches represents the first phase of some fifteen (15) beaches that will be returned back to the public. Here are seven (7) that made the shortlist:

  • Salem Beach, St Ann
  • Great Bay Beach, St Elizabeth
  • Old Harbour Bay Beach, St Catherine
  • Fort Charles Beach, St Elizabeth
  • Norman Manley Beach Park, Westmoreland
  • Jacob Taylor Beach, Trelawny
  • Orchard Beach, Hanover
  • Dump Up Beach, St James
  • Lime Cay

Granted, these are not prime beaches with white sand and all. The Government seems to be trying to make sure each of the fourteen (14) parishes in Jamaica has at least one Public Beach. This is a great move, seeing as they’ve raised the admission fee (Deer, 2015, December 29) for the Reach Falls in Portland by JA$200.

So does this mean that the Parish of Clarendon would have Rocky Point and Farquhar Beach? These beaches are already public access and are already being used for fishing. Still, it would be great if along with the upgrade to Milk River Bath and Spa, (Deer, 2015, September 7) work could also be done to upgrade these beaches as well.

Hopefully, the Ministry of Tourism will also come up with a strategy to clean up the (Deer, 2015, December 6) Sargasso Seaweed that has washed ashore, possibly using it for fertilizer.


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