How GraceKennedy Harbour Wines & Spirits is a Trojan Horse for Roots Wines Industry

“We have been participating in that category for some time and since 2010, we decided to do it in a meaningful way”

CEO of GraceKennedy Foods Jamaica Andrea Coy commenting on their re-launch of their liquor division, HW&S (Harbour Wines & Spirits)

Gracekennedy, long interested in our love for wines, has finally made their interest more obvious.

MICO Wars - How GraceKennedy Harbour Wines & Spirits is a Trojan Horse for Roots Wines Industry - 06-02-2016 LHDEER

On Tuesday February 2nd, 2016, they unveiled a new liquor division (Gordon, 2016, February 5) called HW&S (Harbour Wines & Spirits) with a portfolio of twenty seven (27) wines imported from the following locales:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • California
  • Chile
  • France
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Washington

Scope out the action at their unveiling of HW&S (The Jamaica Observer, 2016, February 5) on Tuesday February 2nd, 2016!

GraceKennedy is basically touting both Old World and New World Wines even as their rivals Caribbean Producers Jamaica, Wray & Nephew and Select Brands already own a considerable marketshare.

So does GradeKennedy plan to compete against them?

GraceKennedy re-animates HW&S – How Gracekennedy plans to go into soon-to-be-regulated Roots Wines Industry

To stand out from the crowd, they’ve decided to target hotels and resort properties in the tourism sector after doing some serious legwork to determine the lay of the land. Not a bad start, especially considering that they’ll be selling the following wines:

  • Amado Sur
  • Marquis de la Tour Brut
  • Sparkling Rose
  • Trivento
  • Vino

Then again, if their planned market is tourists sipping wines on the North coast, then why the trapeze artiste in gold?

The Gilded Helen of Troy Trapeze Artiste – GraceKennedy play on the Trojan War

Something tells me that GraceKennedy isn’t really going after the up-market Wines Market. The obvious clue is the trapeze artiste in gold which indicates to my Greek history mind a Trojan Horse Strategy.

This symbolism used in the launch party for HW&S is plain as day to my eyes, as the gold colour and the costume of the female trapeze artiste is the same colour and style used by the Greek army to trick the City of Troy into opening their gates. In fact, the woman may actually be symbolically Helen of Troy, whose beauty was said to have started the war between the Greeks and Trojans in the first place.

After all, if I were to give a Trojan Horse gift to your competition, what better colour than a Gilded Helen of Troy Trapeze artiste to spring a trap on the competition?

Gracekennedy Trojan Horse Strategy – Roots Wines Secret Wars for Medical Industry

So what market is GraceKennedy really targeting?

GraceKennedy is target another market in much the same way they’re currently going after the branded and refined sugar market (Deer, 2016, January 17), now being regulated by the BSJ (Bureau of Standards Jamaica). Superficially they’re going after the Roots Wines Industry.

Going after the up-market made no sense to me, being as the Roots Wines (Deer, 2016, January 23) Market is actually expanding more rapidly among regular Jamaicans, especially as the Zika Virus (Deer, 2016, January 31) is in Jamaica.

I say this as the NCST (National Council on Science and Technology) and now the MOH (Ministry of Health) (Jones, 2016, January 31) might be moving soon to regulate the Roots Wines Market.

Gracekennedy move back into wines after nearly eight (8) years and the sudden interest of the NCST and the MOH are events both too coincidental to dismiss. GraceKennedy has been known to target specific markets, such as the Health Food Market in the US of A (Deer, 2016, January 3) with Aloe Vera Drinks under the guise of selling other Fruit Juices.

When the MOH and the BSJ announce the standards for the Roots Wines Industry, GraceKennedy no doubt will launch their Roots Wine product as a neutraceutical, effectively putting them into the Medical Field.

So in summary, their launch party is to re-introduce HW&S to Jamaica is not what it seems. Based on the symbolism of the Gilded Trapeze Artiste, HW&S is a part of their Trojan Horse Strategy to throw off their competitors into thinking they’re planning to sell wines to tourists.

Their real target is the rapidly growing and soon to be regulated Roots Wines Industry, a quiet push into the Medical Industry selling Roots Wines as Neutraceuticals.


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