Why Pokémon The First Movie is a promo for Pokemon Go as Superbowl 50 commercial a hit

Nintendo is continuing their yearlong celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the first Pokémon release with more than just US$83 Pokémon-themed 2DS portable gaming consoles (Deer, 2015, December 28). They’ve also decided to throw in free streaming of the 1998 movie Pokémon: The First Movie (Flacy, 2016, February 12) on their streaming service.

Why Pokémon The First Movie is a promo for Pokemon Go as Superbowl 50 commercial a hit

Nintendo’s little known streaming service at Pokemon TV can be accessed through a standard Web browser or via a smartphone app on iOS and Android mobile devices. Sadly the short film Pikachu’s Vacation is not included in the release, as it had been when Pokémon: The First Movie was first shown back in 1998.

Good to note that this is not on Netflix, despite their plans at world domination (Deer, 2016, January 8) that also include blocking Proxies and VPN from streaming (Deer, 2016, January 18) outside of their designated countries.

However, it is available on Amazon for purchase or rent.

Despite not doing well back then, making only US$160 million worldwide during the theatrical run after Warner brothers spent some US$30 million on the movie, Pokemon fever is still as hot as ever. So why is Nintendo re-releasing this failed movie?

Pokemon 20th Celebration to promote Pokemon Go – Americans going bananas over Superbowl commercial

Clearly, there is huge pent up anticipation of the free Pokemon Go Augmented reality game (Deer, 2015, September 14) set for release later in 2016.

Pokemon Go and the Amiibo-esque toy called a Pokémon Go Plus (Deer, 2015, September 14) will see many a dedicated Pokemon Trainer hunting all over the place for Pokemon, possibly wearing Microsoft Hololens (Player270084085, 2015, December 2) as I’ve suggested (Deer, 2015, September 15) or Nintendo own Augmented Reality headset instead of looking through your smartphone, which is quite painful on the neck.

This Superbowl 50 has demonstrated how high Pokemon Fever is, as the Pokémon “Train On” Super Bowl commercial on YouTube is hot.

According to Google Trends, the Pokémon “Train On” Super Bowl commercial on YouTube has now inched past 20 million views since the week of Monday February 1st 2016 and some 350,000 social actions, which includes tweets, likes and shares have continuously been spreading the word online.

So, fellow Pokemon lovers, when Pokemon Go comes out, are you ready to be the very best like no one ever was? We’ll see, if can you catch ’em all, come the release of Pokemon Go! For now enjoy Pokémon: The First Movie!

Here’s the link:

Pokémon: The First Movie on Pokemon TV


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