Why Tessanne Chin’s Love Suicide undresses piano chords come St. Valentine’s Day

“The song is about loving someone so deeply that you fall into it completely and surrender yourself to it”

Tessanne Chin commenting on her brand new single “Love Suicide”

Tessanne Chin, fresh off her appearance (Frater, 2016, February 9) at the One Love Music Festival (Deer, 2016, January 26) to celebrate the life and legacy of Bob Marley, as decided to commit suicide.

Why Tessanne Chin’s Love Suicide undresses piano chords come St. Valentine’s Day

Or rather, release her brand new single “Love Suicide” (Davis, 2016, February 9) that premiered Friday January 29th 2016 (Breezy, 2016, January 29) from her as-yet-to-be-released album. Take a listen to this her latest track that’s available on Apple iTunes (PR Rocket, 2016, February 5) under her own imprint Chinita Entertainment label….and just in time for St. Valentine’s Day!

Sounds more like the original artiste, with interspersed jazz beats and a crystal waterfall of piano chords. This single is a reflective song with an old-school bassline sound that’s so Alicia Keys (Breezy, 2016, January 29), you’d probably think she’s channeling the R&B artiste.

The best parts are when her voice stands against a series of drum beats, giving the impression that the artiste is undressing in your mind’s eye. “Love Suicide” is apparently picking up where her “Fire” single released Tuesday May 6th 2015 (Deer, 2015, May 8).

Tessanne Chin’s Love Suicide – What an oxytocin and serotonin high feels like

So what does Tessanne Chin say about “Love Suicide?” Apparently its being in an oxytocin and serotonin induced high, to quote Tessanne Chin: “’Love Suicide’ represents a soulful, sexy but edgy side to me. I love the concept of giving your being completely over to love and surrendering yourself to this emotion. I feel that everything from the production to the lyrics to the melody supports that feeling and paints that picture perfectly.”

The video for the “Fire” single eventually came out Monday August 10th 2015 (Deer, 2015, August 18), which means that a video is probably in the works for “Love Suicide”.

This build-up in her single will surely make you want to commit to buying her album when it drops…..provided this single doesn’t drive you to desperation first waiting for her album to drop.


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