How SoundCloud Go partnership with Major Labels pits them against Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora

Musicians, my favourite place to search for music just got an upgrade you’ll like.

SoundCloud is launching a new paid tier called SoundCloud Go (Hall, 2016, March 29) that a direct challenge to Apple Music’s 10 million paid subscriber army (Deer, 2016, January 22) and Spotify growing fanbase.

MICO Wars - How SoundCloud Go partnership with Major Labels pits them against Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora - 31-03-2016 LHDEER

A recent partnership with the big three Music Labels means that the site, popular with indie musicians, can unleash their catalogue of 125 million tracks to their 175 million users for a monthly fee of US$9.99.

This new paid tier is only available in the US and gives subscribers the following features:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Offline sync
  • Music from all three major labels

Fret not freeloaders; the free streaming option remains. However, musicians can now choose which songs you have to pay to stream or download after the free thirty-day trial.

So what has changed with SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud Go a partnership with the Big Three Labels – Competition against Apple Music and Spotify

SoundCloud is arguably the most legit place to post your music, boasting a large catalogue of unique content to quote co-founder of SoundCloud, Alex Ljung: “We’re one of the biggest music and audio services in the world. We’ve got huge amounts of completely unique content—remixes, mash-ups, podcasts, news…rap battles between Drake and Meek Mills—all that stuff that wouldn’t sit in the normal catalogue.”

SoundCloud’s partners now have an equity stake in the company to mitigate (Messitte, 2016, March 29) against lawsuits relating to royalty payments:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Sony Entertainment
  • Time Warner Music

With SoundCloud Go, they can compete again the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, now with playlists playable in Facebook Messenger (Deer, 2016, March 6), making them competitive with other streaming Services.


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