How the Red Stripe’s Drink Right App calls a Taxi during Jamaica Carnival 2016

“The app is designed so that the campaign can reach our many patrons on social and new media. Communication methods are changing worldwide and wherever our patrons are in cyberspace, we want to reach them, especially with a positive campaign such as this which highlights how valued they are to us”

Red Stripe’s Managing Director, Ricardo Nuncio, commenting on their Drink Right mobile app

Jamaica Carnival 2016 is set to return to its full glory in 2017 (Grizzle. 2016, April 1) after seven (7) years in the Wilderness with the blessing of Byron Lee’s daughter Julianne Lee (Morgan, 2016, March 31) and Alexander Lawson, both Directors of Jamaica Carnival.

How the Red Stripe's Drink Right App encourages you to Drink Responsibly during Jamaica Carnival 2016

After several nights of drinking and partying and Socacize at the Mas Camp every Friday until Bacchanal Road March on Sunday April 3rd 2016 (Deer, 2016, January 9), look like Bacchanal Jamaica realized that they needed to promote responsible drinking.

For this reason, before the Carnival Road March takes place on Sunday April 3rd 2016, Red Stripe (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2016, April 1) has decided to get more patrons drinking Red Stripe via a Drink Right mobile app.

The Drink Right mobile app, which was available at their Wi-Fi-enabled booth during their many events, boasted some impressive features that make it worth downloading:

  • One-click link to call a cab
  • A chance to win event tickets
  • Complimentary bottles of Malta or water

Yes dear reader, you read that correctly; this isn’t an April Fool’s gag, this is a real product! So how exactly does this product work?

Red Stripe’s Drink Right App – Coming to an Event near you to encourage you to Drink Responsibly

Drink Right mobile app is basically the equivalent of a pedometer but for drinking. You provide it with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Email address

It then shows the user a list of drinks and the alcohol and calorie content. At this point the use can choose the drink by tapping on the drink icon or name of the drink they plan to have based on:

  • Drink type
  • Alcohol content strength
  • Serving volumes

If they can find a drink from the list, they can add their drink by tapping Settings-Customize and selecting Add new drink. They can then enter the name of the drink, and select an icon and enter the default alcohol volume.

How the Red Stripe's Drink Right App encourages you to Drink Responsibly during Jamaica Carnival 2016

Then from that point on the user then enters the amount of drinks they have had or plan to consume and from that point on, the app tracks how many bottles, glasses or cans that you drink, it then converts your alcohol intake into standard units of measure of alcohol.

The app then tells you how much alcohol you’ve had, dispensing its hidden wisdom to curb your binge drinking impulse. It even tells you if you’ve had too many rinks and may advise you to drink water, eat food or slow down their intake.

Oh yes folks, the Drink Right mobile app actually call a Drink Right taxi cab, so drunk driving is not an option this Carnival Season, no matter what costume (Deer, 2016, January 10) you choose. Expect to see the Drink Right mobile app in action at other Red Stripe Sponsored events, such as Premier League matches, Beer Festival (Deer, 2014, May 27) and the Guinness Street Football finals.

Scope out the Drink Right mobile app on Red Stripe Facebook page or download it from the Google Play Store (sorry Apple fans!) and be amazed to see a taxi pull up when you request it via the app.

Here’s the link

Red Stripe’s Drink Right app on Google Play


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