Where Jamaica Carnival 2016 will be travelling towards Mas Camp

Today, Sunday April 3rd, 2016, is the day of the Jamaica Carnival Road March and the Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Road March. Already most of the revellers are out in full force since this morning in their costumes (Deer, 2016, January 10) to be trippin’ down the Road.

Where Jamaica Carnival 2016 will be travelling towards Mas Camp (2)

The judging of the costumes (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2016, April 3) will take place at 3 p.m. when the bands pass Devon House on Waterloo Road. A total of 100 points are there for the taking:

  • 90 from judges
  • 10 from Social Media

The costumes will be judged based on:

  • Creativity of the design
  • Artistic quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Presentation of the costume by the revellers
  • Durability of costume
  • Uniformity of the costume section
  • Overall visual impact of the section as a group

Thus orderly conduct by the Uptowners (is that possible while getting on bad?) will be needed to win points, with losses being due to straying out of your section. Their costumes must be intact during the two minutes of presentation to the judges. Anybody caught whining in a sexual manner will lose points (again, is this possible while getting on bad?)

And the prizes?

  • Best Costume Trophy
  • Spirit of Carnival Trophy

The wining section will see the participants receiving gift vouchers that’ll give them 5% off costume purchases come 2017, when Jamaica Carnival will be relaunched. Clearly, participating in Jamaica Carnival in your Best Costume and enjoying the camaraderie of your group members is the true Spirit of Carnival.

So what is the route of Jamaica Carnival Road March and the Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Road March?

Jamaica Carnival Road March Route – Lord of Rings Quest was way easier than this

Well, there will be some road closures (Grizzle, 2016, April 3) to facilitate the revellers now being mowed down by motorists as follows:

  • Arthur Wint Drive
  • Mountain View Avenue (from the top of Arthur Wint Drive, heading north)
  • Old Hope Road
  • Hope Road (from Matilda’s Corner, heading south)
  • West Kings House Road
  • East Kings House Road
  • Waterloo Road
  • Constant Spring Road (from the intersection of East Kings House Road to Half-Way Tree Square)

Here’s a map of the route (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2016, April 3) and expect some congestion at the intersections as the Carnival Trucks and their party of Revellers make their way towards Mas Camp on the most convoluted route that’s sure to tire many.

Where Jamaica Carnival 2016 will be travelling towards Mas Camp (1)

The revellers start at 10 a.m. at Mas Camp the travel through Old Hope Road, Hope Road and on to Lady Musgrave to the lunch stop on Lady Musgrave Road. Once they’re filled they then continue along Trafalgar Road to Waterloo Road. Here are a few pictures of what the revellers look like.

Where Jamaica Carnival 2016 will be travelling towards Mas Camp (3)

Then they’re off to West Kings House Road, turning on Constant Spring Road, and on to Hope Road. They’re actually making their way back to Mas Camp, turning along Trafalgar Road, by taking a shortcut along Lady Musgrave to Seaview Avenue. Eventually they cross Old Hope Road on to Mountain View Avenue and follow the road all the way back to Mas Camp at the National Stadium on Arthur Wint Drive.

Trust me, you have to be physically fit, wearing comfortable shoes and willing to go all out on your costume (Grizzle, 2016, April 3) to truly enjoy Jamaica Carnival 2016. As for me, I’m waiting on the boatload of pictures of the revellers that’s sure to hit Social Media once the fun is over.


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