How to find Paid Internships in Jamaica in the Summer of 2016

School is over and Summer’s here! If you’re a graduate student, looking for a job is priority one.

This is especially true now as job prospects (Deer, 2016, January 13) are not very good and starting you own business (Deer, 2015, December 25) or leaving Jamaica (Deer, 2016, April 19) seems like the only way out right now.

How to find Paid Internships in Jamaica in the Summer of 2016

But there is hope for you if you didn’t do Medicine, Teaching or Engineering. You can still apply for one of the following Internship this Summer of 2016:

There are five (5) internship programs that are active right now and are really geared towards Graduate students:

Please note these are paid internships for 2016 with the potential for you to become an employee. The best impression is the very first one and it may land you a permanent position. So Apply and see how far the rabbit hole takes you.


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