How Digicel is giving Jamaican High Schoolers Free GSAT, CSEC and CAPE Study Material

“Digicel has been interested in revolutionising education for many many years from the foundation stage. From 2006 we did a partnership with the Ministry of Education to begin transformation in education and this is just a continuation and we’re actually going to try and roll this out across the region,”

Group Projects Director for Digicel, Lisa Lewis, during the launch of the initiative at Jessie Ripoll Primary in Kingston

Sometimes it’s good to be a member of the Bigger, Better Telecom Network!

CXC and CAPE exams are coming up and you need to get the passpapers and study material to study. But where can you get them for free without paying an arm and a leg for extra classes?

Fortunately Digicel and the creators of the LearningHub.Online and GoGSAT have come to the rescue of high schoolers (The Jamaica Observer, 2016, May 6) by teaming up to offer passpapers and study material to study for free. They launched the initiative on Wednesdays May 4th 2016 (Loop News 2016, May 6) at Jessie Ripoll Primary in Kingston.

MICO Wars - How Digicel is giving Jamaican High Schoolers Free GSAT, CSEC and CAPE Study Material - 07-05-2016

Digicel and Dr Shalette East, chief executive officer and founder of GoGSAT and creator of LearningHub.Online are apparently on the same wavelength when it comes to education, quote: “Digicel’s dedication to making a difference made it the perfect partner for this programme. We have a simple shared aim of ensuring that everybody can benefit from the highest quality of education whoever and wherever they are. This is going to be a game changer in the education field”.

So what exactly have they done?

LearningHub.Online and GoGSAT aims – Free Pass for Primary and secondary students toting Digicel phones

LearningHub.Online and GoGSAT aims are websites that assist students in passing the exams and the following educational content and support for free:

  • GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test)
  • CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate)
  • CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations)

However this privilege is being extended only Primary and secondary students islandwide who are Digicel customers who will get access to the following material:

  • Mock exams
  • Quizzes
  • Reading materials
  • Tutorials

To access the material, Digicel customers merely have to create an account using their Digicel number to access the website. They’ll earn reward points for the time spent reading “learning” material and doing mock exams and performance improvement material. These point than then be redeemed to get cool Digicel prizes and of course Digicel Credit.

The material as mentioned above will be free in the basic plans with other future services attracting a cost.  Something however, tells me that more is in store from Digicel, LearningHub.Online and GoGSAT.

With Digicel Rising Stars (The Jamaica Observer, 2016, April 30) season having begun on Sunday May 1st 2016 and Rio 2016 Olympics, which runs from Friday 5th of August 2016 to Sunday 21st of August 2016, we can expect more giveaways in the coming months.

Here’s the link:




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