How Motorola Razr making an Android comeback at Lenovo Tech World

Looks like the Motorola Razr is back!

After having been a successful product back in 2004, when it was launched, with 130 million units were sold in total. Google had purchased them (Deer, 2011, August 13) back in August 2011 only to sell Motorola to Lenovo (Kastrenakes, 2014, January 29) in January 2014.

Well, the Motorola Razr is set for a comeback on Thursday June 9th 2016 (Lai, 2016, May 20) at the Lenovo Tech World as per this teaser video of how it felt back in the 90’s to be rockin’ this phone back in 2005.

The Tech show will ooze with nostalgic Gen X’ers and Millennials trying out this vintage product returned from the dead, most likely in the original clamshell (Sivanandan, 2016, May 20) form factor. The rumoured Motorola Razr may also be running a scaled down version of Google Android (McMah, 2016, May 21), possible paired via Bluetooth with the Moto X device.

MICO Wars - How Motorola Razr making an Android comeback at Lenovo Tech World - 21-05-2016 LHDEER (2)

This will be somewhat like the WiMe Talkase (Deer, 2014, November 9), allowing you to receive calls without having to back out your expensive precious in public. One thing for sure, with Maria Sharapova might want to dust off her old Motorola Razr.

MICO Wars - How Motorola Razr making an Android comeback at Lenovo Tech World - 21-05-2016 LHDEER (1)

If this smartphone makes a comeback, the Moto X smartphones (Deer, 2015, August 3) will find themselves demoted to second place at their own show. This may indeed be, the Christmas gift for 2016 many have been waiting to give that special one to rekindle the nostalgia of what it meant to be cool in the 90’s.

So once again….Hello Moto!


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