Why Hoverboards are STILL popular among Jamaicans despite Global Ban

Jamaican children just seem to love danger.

This as hoverboards use has pretty much exploded, in Jamaica, pun not intended. All thanks to a thriving black market for the dangerous self-balancing gadget (Loop News, 2016, June 13) that have a penchant for catching fire….and yes, exploding!

MICO Wars - Why Hoverboards are STILL popular among Jamaicans despite Global Ban - 14-06-2016 LHDEER

Yallahs, St Thomas, is apparently hoverboard central as the scooter declared illegal for use in the HWT Transport Center (The Jamaica Observer, 2015, December 16) are now all the rage among St. Thomas youths and other young men in rural parts of Jamaica.

Interestingly, Hoverboards are banned in the New York City by the New York Police Department (Kasperkevic, 2015, November 19), banned on most major airlines in the US of A (Mutzabaugh, 2015, December 14), declared illegal and banned in Britain (Hern, 2015, September 28) by the CPC (Crown Prosecution Service) and 30 colleges in the US of A (Lasker, 2016, January 9).

Basically the US Government (Inside Edition, 2016, February 20) has banned them along with the rest of the World (Novak, 2015 December 30) and Segway, makers of the self-balancing scooter, is taking legal action (Mullin, 2016, March 16) against the makers of hoverboards.

Smugglers are to be blamed for the rising popularity of hoverboards; also poor regulatory oversight (Pryce, 2016, June 13) by the BSJ (Bureau of Standards Jamaica), which lists them as high risk electronic products. The BSJ, however, has little power to stop them coming into the country, being as they’re a testing and standards agency and not a regulator.


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