Samsung’s UFS microSD card Socket may appear in the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung launches new UFS micoSD card Socket that may appear in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

On July 7th 2016 Samsung had unveiled the world’s first (Vincent, 2016, July 7) 256GB UFS Cards that are a replacement for the microSD Cards. SanDisk followed on soon with their version of the 256GB microSDXC UHS-I cards to be launched in August 2016 (Peter, 2016, June 29).

MICO Wars - Samsung’s UFS micoSD card Socket may appear in the Samsung Galaxy S7 - 13-07-2016 LHDEER

Read and write speeds for the Samsung UFS cards (Heater, 2016, July 7) are pretty impressive:

  • 530 MB/s Read Speeds
  • 170 MB/s Write Speeds

This is five (5) time faster than high-end microSDs. To put into context, you can read a 5GB movie in 10 seconds, which beats the 50 second record for the fastest microSD Card format.

These micorSD Cards represent the future of the storage format, as they are fast enough and large enough to record 4K Video and photographs (Deer, 2016, July 8) for professional filmwork.

However, they’re not a total replacements quite yet. MicroSD cards, however, are not compatible with traditional microSD card slots, due to having a slightly different shape. To this end, Samsung has designed a slot that can take both the older microSD and this newer UFS cards.

They’re also partnering with product manufacturers to make sure that the next generation of devices that used to use micorSD card will, enabling use you use both the faster UFS for 4K videography and photography as well as the slower microSD for general file storage.

Expect to see this backward compatible slot being used in the Galaxy Note 7, expected to be launched sometime in September 2016!


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