How to determine if Eggs are Fresh and How to make them last longer


You might have heard that Jamaicans do not eat enough eggs.

You might have also heard that there is a campaign by the JEFA (Jamaica Egg Farmers Association) call the Get Cracking Promotion (Deer, 2016, August 17) to get Jamaicans to eat more Eggs.

How to determine if Eggs are Fresh and How to make them last longer (2)

1 egg per day to be exact, up from the current 1 per week that most Jamaicans average. But with Eggs spoiling so fast, how do you spot good Eggs from Bad ones?

How to Spot Bad Eggs – The Float Test

To spot a bad egg requires doing the float test (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2016, August 24) in a basin. The Float test presumes that good eggs sink on their sides and Bad eggs float to the top, due to increased bacterial action that produces gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Ammonia (NH4).

How to determine if Eggs are Fresh and How to make them last longer

This isn’t looking good for you winning the competition, as you might not be able to eat all those eggs before they spoil. So how do you make them last longer?

How to stop Eggs from Spoiling – Mineral Oil and Candlewax are Egg-celent

As the title suggests, you can coat the eggs in Mineral Oil or cooking Oil. This is the same oil that you use to reseason (Deer, 2016, February 12) frying pans, albeit you might have some difficulty with making you kids remember to wash the eggs off first before using them.

Using Candlewax or beeswax (Deer, 2015, December 29) to coat the eggs, thus sealing them. You can also use crayon to colour the eggs, as the crayon wax also seals in the egg contents.

As an expert pro-tip for all the real egg-lovers out there is to use a Newspaper Box Dessicator. Make a box out of old Newspaper and fill it with plastic bags containing Silica gel packs (Deer, 2015, September 21) locked inside of small plastics bags.

The plastic Bags would be perforated with little holes, allowing the Silica Gel packs to absorb the moisture from the air in the box, thus keeping the air inside of the Newspaper box nice and dry and extending the life of you eggs.

So Jamaican Egg lovers, use these tips wisely and Get Cracking!


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