Why Jamaican Women cheat with a Married Man

In Jamaica, most men are not monogamous; the same is true for women, with many men getting burned by their lover cheating on them.

Unfair Game play twice, as the saying goes, as most men like to “bun” women but don’t like receiving “bun”.


Interestingly, most women become involved with married man whenever they cheat, often risking their heart, reputation and valuable time. Yet strangely only 5% of married men leave wifey for the side chick, with 93% failing to admit to the infidelity, rarely leaving their wives for the greener grass that is their lover.

So if the stats are not stacked in their favour, why do women cheat?

Why Women cheat with Married Men – The Financially and Emotionally Weak woman

 Married men are liars!

Often, when they have affairs, they will not tell their lover that they’re married. However, once the deception is revealed, because she has invested in so much time in the relationship, she may find it difficult to leave him, especially if he promises to leave his wife for her.


Often being told that he’ll leave his wife for her is the reason the other woman will stick around.

Especially if he relates to her how unhappy he is in his current relationship with his overbearing, evil wife and want to be with her forever as she makes him happy. He may also be more emotionally open to her and more loving, making it easy for her to believe his deception and fall madly in love with this cheater.

This often implies that she’s unstable and may herself be going through some rough time. Being able to find a man experienced in the ways of love and emotionally stable make it even harder to leave.

She too may start relating her emotion problems, such as a divorce of having to deal with abusive boyfriends. His attention by sharing his emotions and allowing her to share hers give her the satisfaction of soothing her own pain as well as giving her the love and attention she craves.

The married man, feeling himself drawn to this vulnerable vixen, may know this and may often ply her with expensive financial gifts that he’d normally give his wife. This may strengthen the bond even more, as she now thinks that he must really love her if he’s spending so much of his financial wherewithal on her.

It also very convenient; she doesn’t have to be married to him yet she get all of the benefits of a wife. She soon feel obligated to share and be available to him whenever he needs he in exchange for more emotional sharing and financial benefits and wild rounds of sex anywhere he pleases.

Why Women cheat with Married Men – The Financially Strong, Single and Dominatrix woman

She may also be jealous of the wife, who may even be a personal friend she’s admired all her life. Now grown, she wants all the attention by sharing what is hers, taking his emotions and allowing her to share hers plus the financial gifts and companionship with lots of no-strings attached sex.

Both cheating husband and sugar baby benefit!


In many cases she can take care of herself; she just loves the idea that she has something the wife cannot provide, both emotionally as well as sexually and he keeps coming back to her to get his fill. This may be a cycle for such women, many of whom may have had a string of abusive relationships and have thus found solace in being in love with a married man.

She may also be a high achiever woman who is single.

Being used to getting what she wants from the age of 16, she may just see hims as another thing to be conquered, like she had sexually and emotionally conquered her teachers, be they male or female. Most likely a manager or an executive in a company, she may have a male like ego and be a very controlling dominatrix type female who likes to conquer men.

She may even have more money than him and thus may even be the one showering him with financial gifts to soothe his emotional problems with his evil wife.  By these means, she gains both emotional and financial control over another woman’s man, effectively just another achievement for her in her long line of successful acquisitions.

For her, being able to have him share himself with her and fuck her, even when the wife may be in the same room or at the same event, may be a thrill in itself. She may even get pregnant with his child, just to fulfil her maternal instincts to bear him sons, especially if his wife cannot produce any.

At this point, when she connects with him in bed and has a piece of him growing inside of her, she feels that she has full control over him. She can satisfy him sexual, emotionally and bear him sons; his wife cannot!

In this way, she would have taken away her husband, in spirit, if not bodily. Control over the man and being able to square off against a defenceless wife may be the ultimate thrill for such a woman.

Along with the other scenarios, these reasons may only scratch the surface of why women cheat with a married man rather than an unmarried one.


Berbick, M. (2016, September 5). The lure of the married man, why women go there. Retrieved from http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/allwoman/The-lure-of-the-married-man–why-women-go_72687



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