How to use Mint Oil to ward off Mice and kill Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants and Wasps

Keeping mice out of your kitchen is a tough task, especially if you don’t want to kill them. You can use the Humane mouse Trap (Deer, 2016, July 3) but you still have to kill them to keep them from coming back and nibbling on your food.

So what can you do?

Turns out Mice and insects such as cockroaches, flies and even spiders are all repelled by the smell of Peppermint oil. Peppermint or Mint as we Jamaicans know it as, is mainly used for making tea.


However, its main ingredient, Menthol, is great for increasing mental alertness and improves concentration and memory.

I personally use Menthol in the form of Freegel Sweets, which contain Eucalyptus and menthol oil when I’m working the night shift on the call centre floor at Advantage Call Center. I find that I do indeed have better memory and concentration whenever I suck on the sweets in-between calls and I’m less prone to falling asleep.

This is the same substance used in the making of Mosquito repellant (Deer, 2016, May 28) and in high enough concentrations, repels these invaders.

How to make Mint Oil Repellant – Nature’s Insecticide 100% overproof

Simply buy about 2 lb of mind and a quart bottle of Vodka or White Overproof Rum. Then blend the mint in the alcohol and leave to soak for 24 hours in dark cupboard.

You can also use a base oil as the video suggests, but we’re making an insecticide here, not Peppermint oil for cooking purposes. Ok, then strain the final liquid using a fine mesh muslin cloth or cheese cloth. Repeat this process to produce the desired strength of mint oil that you need.

The resulting liquor, which should be clear green mint oil, can then be stored in spray bottles and used as a spray in areas where insect live. Using my method, it will be light and liquid instead of oil, which is necessary to make it a strong insecticide as opposed to just a repellant.

Mice and insects hate the scent of mint, and upon smelling it soaked in cotton balls, are immediately repelled. Good to note it keeps mice out, so you have to have gotten rid of them initially to keep them at bay.


It also has some killing power, especially with flies, mosquitoes, ants and wasps, as they die on contact with the highly concentrated mint oil. Just make sure you use it in a bottle that has a nozzle that aerosolizes the mint oil and mix it with soap water into a fine spray, otherwise your house will just smell of mint oil instead of getting rid of your insect problem.

Still, will you save on the use of insecticide in your home, but if you love mint, then the scent in your house is an added benefit.


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