How to follow the Government of Jamaica using Twitter Lists on Twitter

If like many bloggers, you regularly write about what the Jamaican Government is up to, you may find this bit of information interesting.



Many of them use Social Medial tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to automate their posting activity. You can follow the various Government Ministries and the Executive Agencies via Social Media, particularly Twitter (DigiJamaica, 2012, December 22), using the handy listing below:

  • Jamaica House @OPMJamaica
  • Jamaica Information Service News @JISNews
  • Jamaica Information Service TV @JIS TV
  • Jamaica Tax Administration @JamaicaTax
  • Ministry of Youth and Culture @myscJamaica
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries @agriministryja
  • Ministry of National Security @NatSecurityJa
  • Ministry of Education @MOEJamaica
  • Ministry of Tourism @TourismJamaica
  • Jamaica Business Development Corporation @JBDCJamaica
  • Broadcasting Commission Of Jamaica @BCJamaica
  • National Housing Trust @theNHT
  • Early Childhood Commission @ECCJA
  • Electoral Office Of Jamaica @ECJamaica
  • Access To Information Unit @atiunitJamaica
  • Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management @ODPEM
  • Heart Trust NTA @HeartTrustNTA
  • Met Service @metserviceJa
  • Jamaica Customs @jacustoms
  • e-learning Jamaica @elearningja
  • Urban Development Company @UDCJamaica
  • JAMPRO Creative Industries @jamprocreative
  • NEPA @nepaJamaica
  • National Gallery of Jamaica @natgalleryja
  • JAMPRO Film @filmJamaica
  • Jamaica Tourist Board @askJamaica
  • Jamaica National Family Planning Board @JNFPB
  • Children’s Registry @OCRJA
  • Bureau Of Standards @StandardsJa
  • Jamaica Intellectual Property Office @jipo_govjm
  • Child Development Agency @CDAJM
  • Jamaica Cultural Development Commission @jcdcjamaica
  • Jamaica Foundation For Lifelong Learning @jfllalert
  • Jamaica National Heritage Trust @JNHTJamaica
  • National Road Safety Council @NRSCJamaica
  • Institute of Jamaica @instituteofJa
  • JCDC Jamaica – Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Office @JCDC_KSA
  • Jamaica Productivity Center @JAMPRODCEN
  • National Youth Service @NYService
  • Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) @KSACORP
  • National Export Strategy Secretariat @JAMAICA_NES
  • Land Information Council of Jamaica @LICJ_NSDMD
  • Jamaica Constabulary @JamaicaConstab
  • Jamaica Defence Force @JamaicaMilitary
  • Jamaica Post @JamaicaPost
  • National Export-Import Bank Of Jamaica @EXIMBankJa

You can also create a Public List (Deer, 2016, February 9) to avoid your Twitter timeline being crowded with so many Tweets from the various ministries.

Best of all, these social media Websites as well as the Websites for the Ministries and Executive Agencies of the Government of Jamaica (Deer, 2016, September 6) are easily accessible by Jamaicans on both Digicel and FLOW without a Data Plan or Credit.


I suspect the GOJ has plans to introduce electronic Transactions and Mobile Money Payment (Deer, 2016, June 30) Platforms such as CONEC Mobile Wallet, already being used with JPS Co and NCB Quisk (Deer, 2016, September 13) to make tax compliance easier.

Now if they could only make their websites into apps and more browser friendly and promote their Social Media handles more clearly, this vision of a Cashless GOJ could become a reality.


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