13 Portable Antivirus to remove any Virus or Malware on Laptops, smartphones or Tablets

Hello, it’s back to school again. That means doing assignments on your Laptop and getting viruses via infected thumb drives and hackers trying to steal your Scotia VISA Debit Card (Murray, 2016, September 20) that you use for online purchases.


Rootkit Virus are a living nightmare, only removable if you know a little DOS (Deer, 2012, July 17) or have a bootable Rescue Disc (Deer, 2013, December 23) handy.

Fortunately, there are some portable antivirus programs (Deer, 2014, May 7) that you can keep on your Thumb drive for situations such as an Internet Cafe that doesn’t support installation of programs or scanning a non-windows machines or device.

Hence this handy list of free portable antivirus (Wallen, 2015, October 16) should do the trick, with many of them being relatively new (Beebom, 2016, April 18) to the antivirus scene. Many of them are really malware removal programs (Tengyuen, 2016, May 24), as the line between viruses and programs build with malicious intent:

Keep these on a separate thumb drive that you use to scan PC and Laptop before using them. Cleaning smartphones and tablets may require you finding the app version of these programs or just simply connecting the device to a computer by a microUSB cable and scanning as an external device.

They take a little longer than a typical antivirus and depend heavily on the processor to do their work, so temporarily copying them to the hard drive of the scanned device, if possible, is recommended to make them run faster.


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