How to Vacuum Seal Zip Lock Bag Food using a Plastic Bath Tub

Are you a fan of Sous-Vide (Deer, 2014, May 14) the cooking technique that basically involves cooking food inside of ziplocked bags?

My past girlfriend Audia Granston (God Rest her Soul) used to cook everything this way, as she claimed it was healthier and made food taste better. This technique uses gentle heat from boiling water or a pressure cooker to cook food place inside of zip-locked bags with all the air removed.


You can cook omelets this way as shown below.

The technique ensures that food is cooked with direct exposure to heat as would be in the case it was cooked in a pot. It also reduces the need to use oil, resulting in food that’s cooked but not burnt or oily.


But how do you get all the air out, aside from using expensive vacuum sealing devices (Deer, 2013, July 26) or just squeezing the air out?

How to Vacuum Seal Food – Batch Vacuum Sealing with a Giant Bath Tub

There is a much easier and less expensive way (Martin, 2016, September 29) to remove as much as possible as show in this video.

The steps are dead simple:

  1. Place your food in the zip-top bag
  2. Zip the seal, leaving about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) open
  3. Find large a Bath tub
  4. Fill it with water
  5. Lower the bag of food into the water, leaving the 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) opening
  6. Seal the remaining corner of the zip-top
  7. Remove the food from the water
  8. Allow the bag to dry off completely before placing it in the freezer

That’s it!! Best way to remove air from a ziplock bag and seal it either for use in Sous-Vide cooking or just for airtight storage. You can do a whole batch of food items too, while you have that huge bath tub filled with water.


Your food will last longer (Deer, L, 2015, September 21) as the moisture and air have been removed. And yes, you’ve found a new reason to run out and get a plastic bath tub!!!


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