How to find the latest Naruto and Bleach Episodes

You may have realized that sometimes, streaming (Deer, 2013, August 9) isn’t really an excellent option for watching some shows.

A good example is Naruto or even Bleach, as the locations as listed in the article above mainly relate to programs broadcast in the West from Hollywood. Getting timely episodes of Chinese, Japanese or European content is next to impossible via streaming.

Consequently you have to rely on Websites that host video episodes of these shows so that you can either watch them or download them (Deer, 2013, May 7) for later viewing.

The list of video hosting in that article isn’t particularly helpful, as episodes of Naruto, Bleach and other Japanese Cartoons aren’t readily available on YouTube. When they are, you have to hunt down certain YouTube Channels and subscribe in order to get you Naruto Fix.


Sometimes the rights holders for the Naruto or Bleach franchises will issue takedown orders and these YouTube Channels. When that happens you have to be on the prowl again.

Fortunately there are several ways to get your Naruto content. Here’s a list of the best websites aside from torrenting where you can get to watch and download your videos:

  1. Crunchy Roll
  2. NarutoGet
  3. BleachGet
  4. WatchOp
  5. DBZ

These are the best I’ve encountered thus far in terms of layout and organization and searchability for the episodes that you want to watch. Happy downloading dear reader!


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