How to download and install Google Chrome Standalone Installer

Need to use Google Chrome but have super slow internet? Then the Google Chrome Standalone Browser is what you need.

Simple search Google using the following search term “Google Chrome Standalone Installer”!


Then click on the very first result, which is the official Google website for the Google Chrome Standalone Installer:


Click on the Download Chrome button to start the download.


Then click Accept and Install to start the download of the Google Chrome Standalone Installer. This file is at least 56MB in size, so get some National Bakery Krunchas, some Eve Guava Jam and a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, as you might have to wait awhile if you have slow internet.


That’s it; you’ll soon have the best Browser that even sport unsecured https links (Constantin, 2016, September 8) all in a bid to keep you secure online.


Sharing is caring so share this with as many of your friends as you can.

Here’s the link:

Google Chrome Standalone Installer


Constantin, L. (2016, September 8). Google Chrome to start marking HTTP connections as insecure. Retrieved from


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