Why Jamaica must legalize Prostitution as Ministry of Health dealing with silent HIV-AIDS and STD’s Outbreak

Jamaica’s take on prostitution is becoming quite interesting.

Albeit illegal, it basically exists if you consider Gender Discrimination against women (Deer, 2016, October 16) as well as the phenomenon of Transactional Sex (Deer, 2016, August 24) among high schoolers as being forms of prostitution.


Gender Discrimination against women often involves men trying to use their position and power to coerce sexual favours from women in exchange for jobs or even money. Transactional Sex involves children and adults exchanging sexual favours in for money jobs or even money. Both can be lead to prostitution in the long run, as women are made to think their bodies and not their minds are the only things of value to men.

You can also include women that cheat with Married men (Deer, 2016, September 7), but that’s pretty much something we can live with; Gender discrimination and Transactional Sex are more serious issues.

With that aside, what must one make of the Negril hoteliers want (Henry, 2016, March 30) to have prostitution legalized and regularized? They claim that it create safer conditions for sex workers and their clients as sex tourism (The Jamaica Observer, 2013, November 27) has always been a concern of the JTB (Jamaica Tourism Board) and a part of the fabric of life in the Negril area.

So could legalizing prostitution be a way to monitor with the growing trend towards prostitution in the rest of Jamaica?

The case for legalizing prostitution in Jamaica – MOH hands untied to monitor the spread of STD

Possibly, as with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases still a huge concern in Jamaica, this might be a way, aside from religion, for the Ministry of Health (Luton, 2015, March 12) to monitor and treat homosexuals, lesbians and prostitutes on the streets who may be infected and spread the disease.

According to the Jamaica Information Service Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS, it’s estimated that there are some 32,000 infected with living with HIV. The stats only get worse from here:

  • 50% are unaware of their status
  • 1570.1 cases per 100,000 persons in Kingston & St. Andrew
  • 2094.6 HIV cases per 100,000 persons in St. James

The HIV/AIDs epidemic affects more men than women, but women are now accounting for the increases see in the HIV population. It’s theorized that this may be due to the rise in prostitution and the increasing incidence of transactional sex in Jamaica, especially involving older men and younger girls.

So, back to legalizing prostitution!

No one likes judgmental religious persons telling you what to do with your life. Legalizing prostitution would allow homosexuals, lesbians and prostitutes on the streets to continue making money. It would also make it possible to introduce them to Webcam modelling (Deer, 2016, October 15), an alternative to prostitution when they could make money from their sexual giftedness.

Making laws against Gender Discrimination and forcing users of WhatsApp to register their smartphones to use the App would also curb the cultural trend of treating women like sex objects.

Legalizing prostitution would ultimately allow the Ministry of Health to monitor and treat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which are a silent and growing epidemic in Jamaica.


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