How Jamaicans can make money from Coding and Foreign Languages

Computer Programming or coding is set to take over the world. Combined with speaking a foreign language (Deer, 2016, October 3), the world literally becomes your oyster, as you can work from freelance home or become a developer of applications of Video Games (Deer, 2016, October 19) and start your own software company coding on demand for clients.


So what are the best programming languages (Weinberger, 2016, October 12) to learn to always ensure you have a job aside from HTML (Deer, 2016, July 19)? These top 16 will ensure you’ll always be employed as a programmer, be it writing custom applications or maintaining legacy applications for a client:

  • Java – Google Applications
  • C – Legacy systems
  • Python – Very easy to use
  • PHP – The Language of Website Scripting
  • Visual Basic – Visual Object Oriented Drag and Drop Language for RAD (Rapid application Developement)
  • JavaScript – Web scripting language as important as HTML
  • R – Statisticians love this language
  • Go – Google answer to Objective C
  • Ruby – Love for its ease of usage and Ruby Rails
  • Groovy – Javascript and Java has a love child that Developers love
  • Objective-C – The gold standard of Apps for Apple Developers
  • Perl – A language that’s basically on its deathbed but great for legacy work
  • Pascal – Mathematicians friend and a great place to start coding
  • Delphi Object Pascal – Same thing as Pascal but with Visual Object Oriented Drag and Drop Language
  • Swift – Apple’s answer to Objective C
  • MATLAB – Engineer and Scientists like myself love Matlab’s built in engineering functions

Good to note that aside from HTML, I’m proficient in Visual Basic, Pascal and MATLAB. I’m trying to learn Python, Java and Javascipt and learn Objective-C with the intention to becoming an Application Developer myself. Which language is your favourite?


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