JA$1.6 billion Ministry of Education Scholarships for Math, Science and Technical Vocational up to 2021

Thinking of becoming a Mathematics, Science or Technical Vocational Education Teacher but not sure where to get the funding? You may be in luck based on the ad below!


The Ministry of Education has announced the award of full scholarships for prospective scholarships for student wanting to enter the teaching profession as follows:

  • 200 Mathematics Education Teachers
  • 200 Science Education Teachers i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • 100 Technical Vocational Education

The plan was originally for 100 Scholarships for Mathematics and Science students (Dennis, 2015, August 17) to help address the still growing problem of low passes in the Sciences (Linton, 2016, August 19) being addressed by current Minister of Education, Mr. Ruel Reid.

However, than number increased to some 500 scholarships which are being offered by the Ministry of Education in collaboration (Hunter, 2016, July 14) with the Mico University College as follows:

  • 200 Mathematics Education Scholarships
  • 200 Science Education scholarships
  • 100 Technical Vocational Education scholarships

This is the start of an annual JA$1.6 billion programme that will see some 1,200 Scholarships for Mathematics, Science and Technical Vocational Education (Luton, 2016, February 2) students being disbursed over the next five years up to the year 2021. This first batch of 500 scholarships will cost the Ministry of Education some JA$412 million according to then Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites.

So how do you get one of these scholarships?

1,200 Scholarships for Mathematics, Science and Technical Vocational Education – How to Apply

Obtaining a Ministry of Education Scholarship requires only the following:

  • Passes in CSEC Mathematic and English
  • Grade I or II at CSEC or Levels I and II at CVQ or NVQJ in the subjects they are prepared to teach
  • Passes in the subjects of choice at the CAPE I or II

The scholarship covers not only tuition bur also boarding where applicable. Recipients will have to maintain a B average in order to retain scholarships. They’ll also be required to sign an agreement authorizing their deployment by the Ministry of Education upon completion to a school chosen by the Ministry of Education.

A bonding period of not less than five (5) years to the Ministry of Education is required, something that may not be to the liking of many seeking higher (Deer, 2016, March 13) levels of remuneration in USA, Canada, England and Saudi Arabia.

Still, the application process is fairly easy; simply scan all your Exam certificates and other relevant documents and email to mathematicssciencetvetscholarships2016@moey.gov.jm. Interested individuals should have submitted their applications along with scanned examination certificates from the respective examining bodies to register@themico.edu.jm, on Friday, July 22nd, 2016, or call 764-2824-6.

Despite the closing date of May 31st 2016 and the Friday, July 22nd, 2016 date for MICO, expect this to extend onwards to 2021 and other Teachers Colleges to be involved, as the Mathematics and Science Teacher Exodus (Deer, 2015, December 17) continues…..

Here’s the link:


Email: mathematicssciencetvetscholarships2016@moey.gov.jm

Email: register@themico.edu.jm


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