Why Office Romance and Office Sex in Jamaica is a Bad Idea

Inevitably, at the workplace, we’ll fall in love with someone. Due to the close proximity of the workplace, we get to know each other to the point that we feel that we can take that relationship to the next level.

But stop!!!

This isn’t a good idea, as personal and professional lives aren’t (Kes, 2016, November 25) supposed to mix, especially in Jamaica. This as the potential blowback from a failed workplace relationship will live with you, especially if you have to see the person every day at work.


Worse if the person is married (Deer, 2016, September 7) and their spouse visits them at work often or even works in the space as you do. So what are the consequences of a workplace romance that are so bad that it must be avoided at all costs?

Problems associated with Office Romance – Dating Websites are the cure

For one, it can potentially ruin your reputation.

This as after the relationship has begun or even if it has ended people in your workplace will make it their business to know your business. If they can know anything about you, they’ll make stuff up. Once that starts to spread, your work life will start to feel the pressure.


This is especially if you relationship is one filled with arguements with your office mate now turned lover. Once it’s know that you a pair, co-operative tasks that place you in the same location will result in problems that may affect the completion of these tasks.

Depending on how good the relationship is, you might either be unable to complete tasks without arguing and spilling your between-the-sheets action into the office space, or you might have problems keeping the PDA (Personal Displays of Affection) to a minimum, possible leading to having sex in the office or the elevator.

This will become fodder for gossip. Here’s a video on that’ll prove helpful, should in case you decide to go that route.

Then the judgement will start. This is especially true if you are a manager or supervisor, as it’ll look as if you are using your position of power to force your lover, who may be your subordinate, to perform sexual favour in exchange for giving them preferential treatment or promotions.

The long term consequences are that an office romance, good or bad, can ruin your reputation. Not only do you become the focus of the water cooler gossip, you productivity level will be affected. As for the subordinate, no-one will be sure you even got promoted because you are a good worker or because you were sleeping with the boss.


This may lead to a potential loss of business clients, if such relationships begin to affect your company overall. So take my advice; just join a dating website (Deer, 2016, March 8) and date people outside of your office circle, as a romantic fling, good or bad, is not worth the trouble.


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