How to know if your Jamaican Lover is interested in a long term Relationship

So you’re in a romantic relationship and you want to know if it for real!

Ok, there are some definite signs (Kes, 2016, November 24) that your beloved, whether found through a dating website (Deer, 2016, March 8), at work (Deer, 2016, November 26) or even a married man (Deer, 2016, November 7) is really into you.


The first most obvious sign is that it’s love at first sight.

Yours suitor is immediately comfortable sharing deeply personal and secret things with you, a sign of a good developing friendship that is the bedrock (and the bed rockin’, get it?) of a good relationship. Your lover will want to talk to you all the time as the probably think about you all the time, as per Ana Akana.

Your admirer also values your advice and believes they can trust you with his deepest secret.

If your beloved is really into you, they’ll love hearing the sound of your voice and love having one-on-one conversations with you about absolutely nothing in particular. Heck, he’ll even tackle the one question many men fear; what do you notice about me.

If your loved one doesn’t like sharing their secrets and feelings and talking about nothing in particular for hours at a stretch in conversation, then you might want to throw them back in the river of Life and keep on fishin’, as they’re not seriously into you.


Another sign is that your main squeeze not only thinks about you all the time, but will check up on you all the time as well, be it via texts or WhatsApp (Deer, 2016, August 24), the latest in Mobile Social Media. Your sweet baboo will sacrifice his own time for you and is never feeding you the line “I am busy with work”, as you admirer always makes time for you.

Your worshipper thinks about you all the time, even in their dreams, as per the Beyonce song.

But the most sure-fire sign that your beau is into you is when they decided to pop the question.

No, no, I don’t mean get married!

Rather, your bonoonooonoos talks about more serious stuff, like wanting to move in with you, buying your groceries and even paying all your bills and paying for your hair and other needs, just to get to talk to you at length.

This is the most sure of all signs that the relationship just got real, as your sweetheart want you, body and soul and is trying everything to be around you all the time, even in your dreams.


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