A Jamaican List of the Alcoholic Content of Wines and Spirits

Merry Christmas to everyone in Government Service and a Happy New Year when it comes!!

Most Jamaican don’t realize wines and spirits should list the amount of alcohol and the caloric content (Deer, 2014, November 8).That’s a hard concept to grasp; beverages having calories.

Even harder is Beer made from urine (Deer, 2016, July 28), as demonstrated by University of Ghent researcher Sebastiaan Derese. But your body has to extract energy from all foods; wines and beers are no exception.

So I’ll start off with this infographic on the amount of alcohol in the various wines and beers (Puckette, 2013, December 23) you will be consuming this Christmas and at various office parties in the New Year.

Original Source: Alcohol Content in Wine | Wine Folly

Basically the lowest alcoholic content is as follows:

  • Beer – 3.5% to 9%
  • Wine – 5% to

Here’s a list of beers:

  • 3.5% Heineken Premium Light, Amstel Light
  • 4% Guinness Black
  • 4.2% Bud/Coors Light
  • 4.4% Yuengling
  • 4.6% Corona Extra
  • 5% Coors/Budweiser/MGD/Stella Artois
  • 5% Heineken
  • 5.6% Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • 8.4% Tripel Karmeliet (Belgium ale)
  • 9% Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (Imperial IPA)

And here’s a list of wines:

  • 5-6.5% Moscato d’Asti
  • 7-8% German Riesling
  • 10.5-12% Most American, Austrian and Australian Riesling
  • 11.5-12.5% Lambrusco (sparkling red/rosé)
  • 12-13% Most Pinot Grigio
  • 12.5-13% Most Beaujolais
  • 12.5-13% Most Sauvignon Blanc
  • 13%-14% Most Pinot Noir and Red Bordeaux
  • 13.5% – 15% Malbec
  • 13-14.5%% Most Chardonnay
  • 13.5-14.5% Most Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and French Syrah
  • 14 – 15% Most Shiraz and American Syrah
  • 14.5% Sauternes (sweet white dessert wine)
  • 14- 15.5% Most Zinfandel
  • 14 – 15% Most Grenache
  • 15% Muscat (sweet dessert wine)
  • 15.9% Rombauer and Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel
  • 16% Mollydooker Shiraz
  • 17-21% Port, Madeira, Sherry, Other Fortified Dessert Wines

Some famous wines deserve special mention:

  • 20% Vermouth
  • 17-20% for Sake
  • 21-35% for Shochu
  • 30-39% for Fruit and Herb Liquor
  • 35-46% for Liquor
  • 35-40% for Gin
  • 35-46% for Vodka
  • 40-46% for Whisky, Scotch, Rum, Tequila
  • 55-60% for Cask Strength Whiskey/Scotch

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How to find the IP address of the email sender in Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook


You received a threatening email from an unknown email and you want to know who sent it to you? Or some junk email and you just want to know where it’s coming from.

Well, you stumbled upon the right blog article as it’s really simple; you have to go to the source.

In this blog article, I’ll show you where to look to find out who sent you that nasty piece of their mind in email form.

How to locate email source – Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook are just Email servers

Now whether it is Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook, the process is fundamentally the same.

Log into your Gmail account with your username and password. Then open the email in question. Then locate the source headers of the email, which will contain the IP Address from which the email originated.

In the case of Google it’s located as follows; Click on the drop-down menu beside the reply button. Then select Show Original.


In the case of Yahoo Mail, it’s located as follows; Click on the More…. button. Then select View Raw Message.


In the case of Microsoft Outlook, it’s located as follows; Click on the drop-down menu beside the reply button. Then select View Message Source.


In all cases, you’ll see a jumble of code; this is the machine language that servers use to speak to each other when sending email. Simply search for anything that says “Received from” and also look for the name of the server e.g. src-jamaica-org, jnbs.com, or team.gigajob.net, as the correct IP address is usually located there.

In the case of Gmail it will look like this.


In the case of Yahoo Mail it will look like this.


In the case of Microsoft Outlook it will look like this.


Once you have it, you can then copy it and use an IP address lookup service e.g. http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup to find the originating server from which the email was sent. Sharing is caring so share this helpful article with your friends.

Foods Jamaicans must avoid eating as you get older

Salar Morgulis

All men must Die

Excerpt from the book, a Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin

Inevitably, we all get old and eventually die. We are not immortal, albeit research is indicating that the blood of teenagers (Deer, 2016, November 26) may hold the key to immortality.


We are supposed to become more mature in terms of our behaviour, with more well defined personalities. Aside from being more confident about who we are, irrelevant of our material possessions or status in life, we are supposed to be a bit more selective about what we do with our bodies.

So if that’s true, why are some older persons still not applying this concept to the food (Honeygan, 2016, November 21) they eat?

Adults and Food – Foods to avoid Eating as you get older

It’s because as we get older, our sense of taste gets less.  Hence we add more to boost taste and thus increase out intake of these harmful substances, such as salt as pointed out by Dietitian and nutritionist Jenelle Solomon, quote: “You will find that the taste buds become insensitive to some flavours, salt being one of them, and so you may try to make up for this by adding more salt. But this should not be”.


Jenelle Solomon lists a few foods that you should remove from your diet completely in order to live a healthier lifestyle:

  • Foods containing hydrogenated oils or trans-fat
  • Processed red meats
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Alcohol
  • Salt
  • Potato chips
  • Fries
  • Fried chicken
  • Cheeseburgers

Many older persons still eat foods laden with hidden salts and sugars (Deer, 2016, August 8), despite evidence that they may help cancers and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Along with artificial flavourings and colours (Gandhi, 2016, November 21), sugar may be responsible for ADHD (Deer, 2016, July 26) in children, resulting in impulsive, boisterous and easily angered adults.

Trans-fats increases cholesterol levels in older people and are associated with lifestyle diseases that have a close relationship with ageing such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension

Carbohydrates and other high energy Processed Foods that contain fats, sugars and proteins cause you to fall asleep. This is due to you decreasing metabolism as you age as well as lack of exercise. The lack of exercise among older people, myself included, means that your body has to convert and store Processed Foods such as Bacon as fat.

This increases the risk of cardio diseases, as the heart has to work harder to pump blood to the muscles and supply nutrients and oxygen to move your increasing body mass around. For this reason, thirty (30) minutes of moderate exercise not only makes you lose weight and decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke, but it also helps stave off and manage (Deer, 2016, November 13) Type II Diabetes.

So as you get older,  being a more selective, from having a younger girlfriend (Deer, 2016, December 11) to choosing to avoid eating certain foods and increasing your level of exercise will become necessary to enjoy a more comfortable life as you enter the Twilight Years beyond 45.


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How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive

So you have a USB Thumb drive or SD Card that’s stopped working for no reason and keeps giving you a message to format it. I know the feeling, as this has happened to me often, forcing me to do a recovery (Deer, 2013, August 5) from old backups.


You’re also thinking of buying a new thumb drive. Well, if this is your current situation, then I’ve got great news; you don’t have to throw away your faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card.

How to Repair faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card – DISKPART is your best Friend

You can repair it using these simple hands steps:

  1. Go to Run on the Start Menu
  2. Enter cmd to start the Command Window
  3. Then enter the following commands
  4. cd\
  5. diskpart
  6. list disk
  7. select disk [select you Thumb drive]
  8. clean
  9. create partition primary
  10. active
  11. select partition 1
  12. format fs=fat32
  13. exit

Here’s the same instructions thanks to Tech Zaada ‘s YouTube Channel.

Once it reaches 100% in about 30 or 40 minutes your USB Thumb drive or SD Card will be as good as new. Best of all, it might also increase the storage capacity, albeit this phenomenon rarely happens in practice.

Sharing is caring so share this with as many for your friends who have had a faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card and are considering buying a new one.


  1. Deer, L. (2013, August 5). How to recover Data from your Damaged Thumb Drive or ZIP Archive. Retrieved from http://geezam.com/how-to-recover-data-from-your-damaged-thumb-drive-or-zip-archive/