Why Awesome Sex is the glue that binds young girls to older males

Age is just a number when it comes to a relationship between an older man (Kes, 2016, November 25) and a younger woman.

However, things are not as straightforward as they seem, as the differences in age will put strain on your relationship, despite the awesome sex and younger women being physically (Fisher, 2015, May 25) more attractive.

So you have to be honest about that; some things younger girls are into will not appeal to older males and vice versa. For one, older people in relations tend to be more mature…..well, more or less. Generally, older males are wiser, albeit they may not act mature.


The reason for this is that they’re reach an age where they are less conscious of what people think of them, as they value themselves higher than the material possession they possess.

A younger female, will put more value on the material, hence the reason why younger females like older members of the opposite sex. Older men in a relationship with a younger girl may not have like going out much, as they may be more settled.  Your younger beau may love to party and go clubbing while you like going to restaurants or watching a movie at home.


Sex may be the only binding glue in such a relationship, which may cause further strain especially if other older male have children. So if the sex is that awesome and the kids don’t mind you making a girl that as old as they are scream for Jesus, then Amen to your relationship!


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