How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive

So you have a USB Thumb drive or SD Card that’s stopped working for no reason and keeps giving you a message to format it. I know the feeling, as this has happened to me often, forcing me to do a recovery (Deer, 2013, August 5) from old backups.


You’re also thinking of buying a new thumb drive. Well, if this is your current situation, then I’ve got great news; you don’t have to throw away your faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card.

How to Repair faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card – DISKPART is your best Friend

You can repair it using these simple hands steps:

  1. Go to Run on the Start Menu
  2. Enter cmd to start the Command Window
  3. Then enter the following commands
  4. cd\
  5. diskpart
  6. list disk
  7. select disk [select you Thumb drive]
  8. clean
  9. create partition primary
  10. active
  11. select partition 1
  12. format fs=fat32
  13. exit

Here’s the same instructions thanks to Tech Zaada ‘s YouTube Channel.

Once it reaches 100% in about 30 or 40 minutes your USB Thumb drive or SD Card will be as good as new. Best of all, it might also increase the storage capacity, albeit this phenomenon rarely happens in practice.

Sharing is caring so share this with as many for your friends who have had a faulty USB Thumb drive or SD Card and are considering buying a new one.


  1. Deer, L. (2013, August 5). How to recover Data from your Damaged Thumb Drive or ZIP Archive. Retrieved from



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