Ravn Rae, owner of Mez and the Ministry of Health plan to require prescription for ecigarettes

“I have to ensure the decision is a right one because, as a small business owner, I have limited resources”

Ravn Rae, owner of Mez, Jamaica’s first vape and smoking supplies store

Vaping and hookas are getting a boost in Jamaica.

Especially now that Ravn Rae has opened Jamaica’s first vape (Scott, 2017, February 15) and smoking supplies store. The UTECH graduate started her business due to demand Vaping supplies and electronic cigarettes.


Her business, which is four (4) years strong, is the result of hard work and research, after noticing that ecigarettes and vaping products are only available for purchase online. She saw an opportunity and thus launched into business, educating herself along the way, to quote Ravn Rae: “I researched the items for over a year, I went to trade shows and I created a network of supplies”.

The Ministry of Health plans to make available via prescription (Deer, 2014, September 24) in the near future, as they are an alternative treatment for people trying to quit smoking. Good to note here that the Ministry of Health has banned smoking in Jamaica (Deer, 2013, September 29), so this possibility is very much on the cards.


As for Ravn Rae, North coast expansion is in her eyes as her islandwide deliveries pick up steam, quote: “I make a lot of island-wide deliveries and my aim is to provide these products and goods for the Jamaican people”.


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