Pizza Hut wins 2016 Pepsi Award for Sales Growth as Little Caesars’ comes to Jamaica

“Pizza Hut Jamaica ended 2016 with double-digit sales growth over the previous year, and welcomed the newest addition to the Pizza Hut Jamaica family in January 2017, Pizza Hut Whitter Village”

Managing Director of Restaurants of Jamaica Mark Myers, commenting on the growth of Pizza Hut in Jamaica

Pizza Hut Jamaica which is a part of the Restaurants of Jamaica franchise, recently won the 2016 Pepsi Award for Top Sales Growth (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2017, February 20) at the 2016 YUM Franchise Week held in Miami, Florida.


Restaurants of Jamaica employs more than 2,000 persons in 45 restaurants islandwide and owners of the KFC Jamaica, which also won the Market of the Year at the 2016 YUM Franchise Week for the second year running.

Jamaicans are slowly developing an insatiable hunger for fast food! Pizza is the latest obsession, evident to anyone that works in a Call Center. Already there are three (3) pizza companies in Jamaica:

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Dominoes
  3. Little Caesars’

Little Caesars’, coming under the banner of Restaurant Associates, the operators of the Burger King and Popeye’s franchises (Graham, 2016, December 28), has launched five (5) restaurants in Jamaica (Anderson, 2017, January 19) with more to come.

This is a really big deal for Restaurants of Jamaica. So what is their secret formula?

Pizza Hut – Deliver Wherever, whenever may include Lionfish

Delivery is their secret weapon; Pizza hut is willing to deliver pizza wherever, whenever as pointed out by Pizza Hut Jamaica’s marketing director, Tina Matalon, quote: “We recognise that delivery is a key factor for pizza consumers, so we make improving the delivery platform a priority for our brand. Innovation and development is something that we are always focusing on at Pizza Hut Jamaica and is a contributor to our continued success”.


The company is expanding, recently opening yet another location, this time in the Whitter Village, Ironshore (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2017, January 12) serving the Montego Bay, St James area and has quite a lot of staff as Managing director of Restaurants of Jamaica Mark Myers points out, quote: “This restaurant employs 30 team members, bringing the total employed to the brand to more than 400. This reinforces our commitment to job creation as we continue to expand the brand locally”.


Pizza Hut is known for pushing the envelope of innovation, as was the case with their Doritos Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2016, July 21) back in July 2016. Hopefully this means that lionfish (Deer, 2016, December 5) pizza is on the menu, as with three (3) pizza fast food providers in Jamaica, a dash of local flavour would make them really stand out.


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