Why Ishawna’s song Equal Rights demands men to return the favour

Ishawna’s song “Equal Rights” is working the airwaves as the singer gets a buzz (The Jamaica Star, 2017, April 29) from detractors and supporters alike.

In case you were under a rock, here’s the song that’s endorsing equal right in the bedroom, demanding men perform oral sex if they want head.

Clearly attacks against Ishawna are rooted in a dancehall culture that likes to portray men as virile (K.C, 2017, May 5) and women as submissive, a clearly hypocritical stance that is deeply rooted in our African ancestry (Gayle, 2017, May 24). Ishawna’s song is also an indication of a shift in the power struggle between the sheets (Grizzle, 2017, May 5) as Ishawna declares in her song that she’s willing to do a threesome if her man is willing to lick that kitty.

Local selectors are still refusing to play the song (Campbell, 2017, May 2), but internationally the mood is very different. Already a few selectors, including Dancehall selector Dewayne Robinson aka Trophy Snipa (Curtis, 2017, May 16) have decided to play the song.

Internationally, she’s also getting a lot of support from her father (The Jamaica Star, 2017, May 27) as well as interviews on the radio circuit. Even Katy Perry has outed an oral sex song!!

But the real support came recently when Ragashanti pointed out (Ragashanti, 2017, May 18) that women performing oral sex put the woman more at risk than a man performing oral sex on a woman. Things almost came to a head when Bounti killa threatened to rush Ishawna (Grizzle, 2017, May 19) if she came to Portland and performed the song on stage.

The Mayor of Portland, Paul Thompson, pointed out that one of his colleagues Stephen Williams, councillor for the St Margaret’s Bay Division (The Jamaica Observer, 2017, May 25), was wrong to declare that Ishawna would be banned. Thankfully too, Bounti Killa (The Jamaica Star, 2017, May 24) also did not make good on his threat to rush off Ishawna from the stage.

So all’s well that end’s well for Ishawna, as Equal Rights is now so popular that hats are being sold (Masters, 2017, May 31) that support the artiste…..and the opposing side in this heated debate!

Big up to Ishawna and her demand for Equal Rights for women in the bedroom. Some things that good to eat not good to talk, my granny used to say. If anything Ishawna is getting people talking as she racks up the bookings.


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