How Jamaicans make US$100 monthly from Linkbucks

One of the best ways to earn money is to refer other people to a Referral Website links (Deer, 2015, June 8).

A great example that I’m currently testing out is the Linkbucks referral program. Not only do they pay you money for referring you own links shortened using their link sharing tech, but they’ll pay you a percentage of what your referred users generate.

Effectively, you can make as much as US$30 to US$100 per month once you posts are clicked on in Australia, USA or Canada, where the CPM can be as high as US$5, depending on how aggressively you post or promote your referral link online. You get 20% of their earnings, but you also get a 10% of the members they refer!

Promotion is done either via:

  • Links
  • Banners

You can gently push traffic using flyer advertising (Deer, 2017, March 17). You can also push traffic to an article about Linkbucks (such as this one), which generates enough traffic at a slow but steady rate.

It also makes it possible to post your Linkbucks referral link on Facebook, which has traditionally blocked Referral links. This makes it possible for you to make good revenue from Linkbucks with upsetting their contract requirements.

Sharing is caring so share Linkbucks with your friends today!!

Here’s the link:

Linkbucks referral program


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