Best free Skype Video Calling Alternatives for Jamaican

When it comes to video calling, Skype isn’t the only Video Calling game in town, despite their popularity (Deer, 2013, May 20).

There are many alternatives (Wilson, 2017, June 14) that now offer Video calling in addition to IM (Instant Messaging) services. They often feature smartphone or tablet apps, group video chat features and even the ability to call international mobile and landline directly for a low monthly subscription fee as in the case of Google Hangouts (Deer, 2015, October 4).

Some even offer the ability to make calls in a browser and even the ability to send a 24-hr hyperlink to allow someone without the program (Deer, 2016, November 15) to participate in a Group or on-on-one video chat. That last feature is excellent if you wish to make money teaching online (Deer, 2017, April 22).

So without further ado here are the best free VoIP (Nightingale, 2017, February 22) alternatives to skype:

  1. AppeaIn (Web, iOS)
  2. Google Hangouts
  3. Oovoo
  4. Talky
  5. Viber
  6. Voca
  7. WeChat
  8. Whatsapp

Video calling will easily use up most data plans, so best to use Wi-Fi when video calling. Also you have to have a smartphone with at least a Quad-Core processor and 4GB of RAM with at least 32GB or internal storage. Sharing is caring so share this list with as many of your friends as you like.


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