FLOW Thursday Night Live with Shenseea harnesses the power of Social Media Celebrities

Thursday nights on social media will get a lot more exciting with the launch of a new web-based talk show series – Thursday Night Live (TNL) – by telecommunications firm, FLOW.

By tuning in to FLOW’s Facebook and Live Stream accounts, guests will be able to connect with some of the most intriguing local celebrities – up close and personal. The shows debut on Thursday June 29th 2017 will feature fast-rising female dancehall sensation Shenseea.

Host of the weekly series, FLOW Ambassador Dutty Berry will also take a deep dive into the lives, careers, relationships and plans of the weekly guests in his own inimitable style. FLOW promises humor, prizes and surprises as FLOW ‘TNL’ debuts.

But why via Streaming on social Medial?

FLOW and TNL – Harnessing the Power of Social Media Stars

This is basically FLOW’s Hummer for the summer, to quote FLOW’s Social Media Manager, Matthew Webster, quote:“Our insight tells us that Jamaicans spend an inordinate amount of time browsing social media sites looking for news and entertainment content especially at nights. We are aiming to present a compelling programme that will see people returning weekly, similar to how they would watch shows on TV”.

As such, they are taking their show TNL online as FLOW seeks new ways to engage their customers as pointed out by Matthew Webster: “This new lifestyle concept is being piloted this summer and we expect that it will garner a lot of attention in the online community. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to use our technology to connect our customers and fans online with the things they love. In this vein, ‘TNL’ will be an online meeting place for our local celebrities and their fans.  It’s where they can ask questions and get to know each other”.

FLOW is panning their hopes on the popularity of local Social media stars, who all happen to be FLOW ambassadors, namely such as Prince Pine, Eli The Viner and Dutty Berry. These Jamaican social media entrepreneurs, basically online celebrities, have amassed significant global followings and FLOW has taken notice, to quote Matthew Webster: “When you look at the trend of online content consumption, there is a huge opportunity for us, both locally and regionally, to create unique content for social media”.

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Here’s the link:

FLOW Lyf Data Promotion

FLOW Lyf Data Plans

Deezer App on the FLOW Jamaica Website

Deezer App on the Google Play Store

Deezer App on Apple iTunes Store

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel





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