How to assist Kadavy Campbell raise US$23000 for Dejah Samuels in UWI Mona Hospital

People of the Jamaican and the World, Kadavy Campbell’s cousin needs your help!

Her cousin, Dejah Samuels, is a 17-y-o who attends Pentab High School (Kingston Jamaica) and in 10 grade. On May 11, 2017 she was diagnosed with brain tumor at the UWI Mona Hospital.

Hence, she was unable to do her end of term exams and CXC subjects, Maths & Information Technology which are necessary for her way to fulfill her dream of  becoming a nurse.

She was diagnosed with brain tumor at the UWI Mona Hospital. She’s currently on steroids to reduce inflammation in a preparation for surgery. Based on the location of the tumor, they have declared that it is inoperable.

However, her doctors said the Gamma Knife treatment is best for her as opposed to doing whole brain radiation therapy. Gamma Knife is not offered in Jamaica and the nearest location are medical facilities in Miami..

The estimate cost to treat the brain tumor at the hospital is US$23000 or JA$3 million dollars, including air ambulance.  To this end, she’s started a GofundMe Account to help fund her medical expenses as shown below.

Kadavy Campbell already has plans to start raising funds by selling pastries, hosting a fish fry event and other activities so your support is required. You can donate via the GoFundMe account as well as via Bill Express as follows:

UWI Mona Hospital: Bill Express: Dejah Samuels, ID#: 1164110

Sharing is caring so share and donate as much as you can.

Here’s the link:



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