How Jamaicans can find Call Center Work in the Cayman Islands and Florida

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or Call Center world is booming in Jamaica.

Never has there been so much work opportunity for High School and Tertiary graduates (Deer, 2016, June 10) albeit short term!

Sutherland is taking on agents (Deer, 2016, September 29) and so is IBEX Global (Deer, 2016, September 26) as Jamaica Call Center Industry expands rapidly. This is even as AI threatens to make Human CSA’s obsolete (Deer, 2017, June 25) along with some 200,000 by 2021.

Here is a quick listing of Call Centers and where to apply:

Startek Application


Sutherland Global Application


ADV Communications

The Towers

25 Dominica Drive

Kingston 5




10-16 Grenada Way

Kingston 5


IBEX Call Center


HGS (Hinduja Global Solutions Limited)


Tel: 599-8869


Human Resources Manager

Marlene Mcfarlane



So it would surprise you to know that as a Jamaican, you can work in Call Centers anywhere else, be it in Cayman Island, Florida or the Middle East. So how do you get a job in a Call Center in the Cayman Islands? 

Jamaican and Call Centers – Work Permit needed Florida or Cayman

There is a Call center that has offices in both Cayman and in Florida; Invocorp. They have accounts that pay as much as US$65 per hour, which works to about JA$338000 for a typical 40 Hour Work Week.

Their address and contact information in the Cayman Island is a follows:

Greenwood Avenue,

George Town

Grand Cayman

Cayman Island


In Florida it is as follows:


Clyde Morris Blvd

Daytona Beach,

FL 32114, USA


To work in the Cayman Islands or in Florida, you need to have Work Permit. You’ll need the following documents:

  • 4 Passport sized photographs
  • Police Record
  • Medical Examination
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Passport Number and Photo

The cost to obtain a Cayman Islands is US$100 whereas to obtain a Florida Work Permit is US$400. Invocorp will provide:

  • Accomodation
  • Work Permit
  • US or Cayman VISA
  • Airplane Fare Assistance

For further details you can call them at these numbers:


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