How Jamaican can Factory or RSIM Unlock their smartphones

Factory Unlocking your Android smartphone (Deer, 2013, August 10) or Apple iPhone (Deer, 2014, March 1) has never been easier.

There are now so many reputable unlocking websites out there; all you need is a Scotia or CIBC VISA Debit card or Paypal account and enough cash to pay to Factory unlock your smartphone via one of these websites:

Alternatively, you can always use a RSIM Unlock, which is far easier as you can buy an RSIM for as little as US$4 on Ebay. The RSIM is basically a physical unlocking method that involves a chipset that mates with your SIM, making your SIM behave like the Network that the phone was originally locked to and thus allowing the phone to work without Factory unlock.

Check out the video below which explains how this hardware unlocking method works.

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