How Jamaica National SGJ will use Reggae and Dancehall to teach Mathematics and the Sciences in Jamaica

“This will enhance and complement the National Standards Curriculum. The curriculum focuses on different forms of delivery as you have to find different different students. Debate of negativity or positivity aside, what is important is the undoubted power dancehall has to connect and impact our young people how do we use it for good?”

Minister of state in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green on the launch of the JNSGJ (Jamaica National Foundation Science Genius Jamaica)  

Reggae and Dancehall as a strategy to teach Mathematics and the Sciences may be the new paradigm in Jamaica.

If the Ministry of Education has their way, then the JNSGJ (Jamaica National Foundation Science Genius Jamaica) may become the next wave sweeping Jamaican secondary schools (Baines, 2017, February 23) next after the introduction of 17,500 Tablets under the Tablets in School Program (Bryan, 2017, February 14).

Minister of state in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green, spoke on the JNSGJ (Linton, 2017, February 24) during the launch on Wednesday February 22nd 2017 at the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew yesterday. In collaboration with Professor at Columbia University, Dr Chris Emdin, the Ministry of Education has pioneered this stratagem to help in the delivery of the more difficult concepts in Mathematics and the Sciences. These science subjects include:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. Geography

The JNSGJ Project, which has the support of Dancehall performers Tifa and Wayne Marshall with mentorship from Bugle and Ding Dong, will be implemented as follows:

  1. Project is titled #DancehallEd.
  2. Grade nine students and teachers from all schools across Jamaica can participate in the project.
  3. Students and teachers are to submit videos creatively conveying aspects of mathematics and science through songs.
  4. They will compete in clashes.
  5. The best 20 will get a spot in the project.
  6. Submissions are to be made by February 28.
  7. Individual and collective school prizes will be awarded, including upgrade of science labs.
  8. Students will receive mentorship from entertainers to reaffirm the notion that they can combine knowledge with contemporary style.

Dr Chris Emdin, had been instrumental in it conception, with the idea that using popular culture would engage students more and thereby increase learning. Grade 9 students will be the focus of JNSGJ, as they begin to choose their CSEC Subject at this grade.

So says Learning, development, and culture officer at JN, Renee Rattray, who represent the JN in the project, quote: “We’ve had difficulty getting students to the level that we want with maths and science over the years, and those subjects are critical components to the JNSGJ technology, so we have to find new ways. We’re happy that JN, as a private partner, has decided to try this new delivery, and the ministry endorses it”.

But why use Reggae and Dancehall and not classical or instrumental music?

Ministry of Education and JNSGJ – Reggae and Dancehall as tools of Engagement

The idea is that Dancehall and Reggae music, which hare already a part for Jamaican popular culture, already has their attention.

Thus, by delivering Mathematics and Science concepts via Dancehall and Reggae music, the student will find it easier to learn and remember these concepts. This is somewhat similar to when I used to use songs to remember Chemistry and Physics concepts when I was a Glenmuir High School student……so I like this idea very much, to be honest.

Best of all, it has the student involved in competing to create songs and videos conveying aspects of mathematics and science. The competition saw schools winning prizes both at the school and individual level, including upgraded science Laboratories.

Science and Mathematics is in everything. But Student are more likely to relate to it if they can hear it in the music from their most popular, revered and respected Dancehall and Reggae artists as pointed out by Renee Rattray, quote: “Almost as soon as you put out a dancehall song and it’s catchy and creative, the young people grasp it. Imagine if they can do that with scientific theory them greatly with retention, which would translate to application. Science is at the base of everything and not enough is being done in that area. Not enough students are choosing science for CSEC. The mentors will be there to inspire and challenge them, to show them that it’s cool to be smart, it’s cool to be a geek”.

So long as the JNSGJ can provide the computers and cameras and other props needed to make the Music videos. Also, they’d have to somehow convince reggae and dancehall artists that it’s cool to make an album of songs based on science, then this might actually work.

But has it already worked elsewhere?

JNSGJ, Dr Chris Emdin and GZA – Rap Battles to teach children Mathematics and Science

The JNSGJ is coming from a good background.

Science Genius began four years ago (Small, 2017, February 21) and is the creation of Dr Chris Emdin, author of Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation and Gary Grice. Dr Chris Emdin is the author of Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation and The Wall Street Journal. He’s been interviewed by Al Jazeera and The Huffington Post and has been featured on major international news networks like CNN, PBS and ABC.

In case you didn’t know, Gary Grice aka GZA, is the founding member of the legendary rap group, WuTang Clan. The two men partnered in 2012, with GZA interested in bringing science into Hip-hop and Emdin bringing hip-hop into the classroom.

The professor and GZA partnership resulted in the rap lyric archive The creation of Science Genius BATTLES then followed, which engages the students through the creation of rap lyrics based around science.

In an interview in The New York Times, Professor Emdin was quoted as saying: “A hip-hop cipher is the perfect pedagogical moment, where someone’s at the helm of a conversation and then one person stops and another picks up. There’s equal turns at talking. When somebody has a great line, the whole audience makes a ‘whoo’, which is positive reinforcement. All of those things that are happening in the hip-hop cipher are what should happen in an ideal classroom”.

So will the JNSGJ do for Science in Jamaica what it did for African Americans children facing prejudice and discrimination in the US of A? It’s already got a good start, but as a teacher I’d have to see how this could be integrated into a Lesson plan along with Projectors and smart screens (Deer, 2016, February 3) and have a good selection of songs produced by Students and the more popular entertainers before I, or any school for that matter, start using this in the classroom!!


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How Jamaicans can advertise for free locally and Internationally

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  1. Deer, L. (2017, May 3). How to place free International Ads on Proearnja Online Classifieds. Retrieved from
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Red Stripe launches Injin Roots Wine in battle against GraceKennedy Harbour Wines & Spirits

Red Stripe has decided to makes Roots Wines (Jackson , 2017, August 9)…..with an Engineering Twist.

Dubbed Injin, the roots wine launch is really Red Stripe’s parent, Heineken, showing more confidence in their prodigy purchase.  However, as Engineering people know, Injin, is a play on the word “Engine” which is short for “Engineering”, our field as well as the sub-section of the SCIT department at UTECH.

Still, the idea is obvious; the drink conjures up images of going to someone’s backyard, a house, or a rooftop aka our “endz” and drinking this product. Not really trendy, just a Jamaican weekend after-work kinda thing. It’s how we Jamaicans are both inside and outside, especially on a weekend to quote Innovation and Digital Marketing Manager Rory Burchenson: “a mindset the driving factors that affect our daily lives, whether it be a house, money, a career, fashion, sex, etc. The name therefore speaks to what drives you internally”.

This comes a nearly six months after they had launched their 250ml cans of Lemon Paradise and Sorrel (The Jamaica Observer, 2017, February 8) apparently feeling super good after Christmas 2016!!!

Made with ginseng, sarsaparilla, herbs and alcohol, it’s more of a Roots wine than “Rootsy Drink” as Red Stripe would like you to think. Still, this is a fairly new market segment, with GraceKennedy (Deer, 2016, February) sneakily launching their push into this fledgling Roots Wines Industry a year ago in February 2016.

So the words of Rory Burchenson are quite justified, quote: “Red Stripe has created its own space. We have improved on the existing alcoholic bitters market, in which there really is one major player, by creating a supremely mixable and versatile liquid with truly natural ingredients”.

So how well has their push into this new market segment been going?

Red Stripe and Injin – Heineken’s 30% innovation budget to counter GraceKennedy Threat

According to Red Stripe, they’ve already sold some 100,000 cases of their alcoholic bitters locally. The product, which is made specifically for the Jamaican market, sells as follows:

  1. JA$90 for a drink
  2. JA$500 for the queue

Heineken is VERY CONFIDENT in their Red Stripe Brand, spending nearly 30% of their Profits via their innovation budget to attack the burgeoning Roots Wine Industry. Already they’ve been seeing double-digit growth in Red Stripe’s Beer portfolio in their second-quarter results in late July 2017, due mainly to sales growth resulted refocused marketing efforts in Jamaica and overseas markets.

This has come as a surprise for Heineken, as Red Stripe, in a global economy that is slowly being dominated by DIY Beer making upstarts such as SodaStream (Deer, 2016, June 15) and Craft beers. So 30% of anything over US$1 million is a HUGE SHOW OF CONFIDENCE.

The reason for this growth?

Their products are distinctly Jamaican and are slowly gaining support from Jamaicans as well as foreigners who love anything Jamaican ever since Usain Bolt and Bob Marley put us on the map, to quote: “In our international markets, Red Stripe has benefited from our authentic positioning in the USA, having repatriated the volumes to production in Jamaica along with trade focus in key regions; in the UK from driving new listings in the retail trade, and lastly opening up new international markets such as Brazil and Australia”.

Red Stripe promises to launch more beers and more products (Jackson, 2017, May 26), spending some  €12 million (JA$1.7 billion) on new products such as Lemon Paradise and Sorrel  as well as on replacing Hops in Beer (Cross, 2017,  May 8) with Cassava.

Still they have to move faster though; GraceKennedy has a serious head start and they need to come up with more Root Wine and Roots beer products……before the company famous for Vinnie Vienna and Remittances beats them over the head with a sausage and takes their market away from them.


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