How Jamaicans can make US$1000 monthly from file sharing websites

Having trouble paying for the Internet at your home that you only use when you come home? You might wanna read this bit about file sharing websites.

You can make money from people downloading content i.e. images, pictures, video and software files from that you have from file sharing site and earn as much as US$20 per download. This is possible to make money directly from sharing files and not just from advertising and PTC (Pay To Click) websites (Deer, 2017, June 11).

Like PTC, file sharing websites make their money mainly from advertisements and selling premium user Accounts. So here is a list of some of the best file sharing sites that you can upload your content and make money and their best features summarized.

File sharing websites – Who makes the most money

So here is a list of the best file sharing sites based on the ones I’ve used thus far:

  1. Crocko – US$20 per 1000 downloads. They have unlimited file hosting but they delete dead or inactive files that are older more than 60 days.
  2. Dailyuploads – US$16 per 1000 downloads. 1MB in size to get a reward. Their minimum payment request is US$25 and payment are made via paypal skrill or payoneer.
  3. Dollarupload – US$1 for every single download or US$1000 for 1000 downloads after users do a very long survey. Pay you on weekly basis through Payoneer and PayPal and even direct bank transfer
  4. Filebucks – US$1 for every single download or US$1000 for 1000 downloads after users do a very long survey. It pays through PayPal and provides only 500MB of storage.
  5. FileFactory – US$40 for every 1000 downloads depending on the countries and the file size. 90% commission from each sale through your link. The maximum file size upload is 5GB
  6. ShareCash – US$1 to $20 per download in certain countries after users do a very long survey
  7. TurboBit – US$20 per 1000 downloads. Minimum payout is above $10 via paypal, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller and others.
  8. UploadOcean – US$21 per 1000 file downloads. Minimum payout is above $10 via paypal, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller and others.
  9. Uploadrocket – US$15 per 1000 downloads. Their minimum payment is US$20 and payments are made via Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill and Payza. Note: Webmoney, Skrill or Bitcoin
  10. Uploads – US$17 per 1000 downloads. Uploads pays up to US$17 per 1000 file downloads greater than 25 MB and US$12 per files between 100kb- 25MB. Their minimum payment is US$10 and payments are made via Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill and Payza. US$25 via paypal and US$100 for Western Union.

The final word – Don’t be Greedy

Based on my use of these file services it’s best to go with the non-survey based ones. Albeit file sharing sites with surveys make more money, they are rarely useful, as often the download link is obscured by advertising.

Once you have your file sharing account, use free online ad (Deer, 2017, August 26) or getting the word out via local and international flyers (Deer, 2017, March 26) and email blasts to push more traffic to your weblink! Best to accept payments via Paypal, Payoneer or Western Union, as they are a lot more established, despite the high US$100 payout level.

File hosting is a good option to earn extra money online if you are a person who likes to share all kinds of files with friends, on websites or blogs. So don’t be greedy; sharing is caring so share this money making websites with your friends.


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GraceKennedy’s Ebook on How to use Jamaican Jerk Sauce For Pork and Fish

“Most people have heard of jerk chicken. However, it can also be used on beef, pork, fish, shrimp, and so on. This is a true explosion for your taste buds and we really want to encourage people to give it a try. Our recipe ebook will reveal lots of tasty dishes for you to enjoy”

Deidre, a representative from GraceKennedy speaking about GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Wanna learn how to use Jamaican Jerk Sauce for meats other than chicken? GraceKennedy, the official distributor of original Jamaican jerk sauce in the United States, is currently selling on the online marketplace. The GraceKennedy Jamaican jerk sauce is available in both mild and hot strength on their GraceKennedy Amazon Store.

Most Jamaicans and Americans lover of Jamaican foods are unaware that their seasoning can be use on other meats such as Pork, Fish and Steak. For this reason, GraceKennedy has made a free ebook available with every purchase that informs users on how to use their seasonings on non-chicken meats.

The recipe books is guaranteed to be a hit with customers who did not know how versatile GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce are to quote Deidre, a representative from GraceKennedy: “If you have ever tried jerk seasoning, you will know that it is something that goes with everything. Our recipe book contains lots of recipes to prove it, and we love hearing from our customers about how much they have enjoyed it”.

The sauce has proven to be incredibly popular on Amazon. A long-time best seller, buyers have praised how the taste is so authentic. It also reminds them of home or a memory of their most recent vacation to Jamaica. Other customers have tried using the sauce with a variety of other meats. It has worked well, especially with barbecued jerk shrimps and jerk beef, which have proven to be particularly popular.

Here’s the link:

GraceKennedy Amazon Store



73-75 1/2 Harbour St. Kingston 10, Jamaica