How Jamaicans can make JA$100,000 in a Virtual Call Center Job at Versatel Marketing

Do you have a computer, a Broadband connection and a headset at Home?

Are you looking for a Virtual Call Center Job to reduce the commute because you live too far from one of the many Call Centers (Deer, 2017, July 10) in Jamaica?

There is a growing trend towards Virtual Call Centers, where Jamaicans and practically anyone in the world can work from the comfort of their home once they have the right equiptment and attitude to work. One such call center is Kingston Call Center (Deer, 2017, July 23) which has CSA (Customer Support Agents) based on site in Bog Walk in the parish of St. Catherine.

But the one which will be focus of this article is Versatel Marketing.

Versatel Marketing – A Quick Introduction as the Resume Hiring in 2018

Currently they’ve resumed hiring Outbound, Full Time CSA’s for work with a Health Insurance company. This became effective since January 2nd 2018 as per their Facebook Page.

Hiring takes place every Monday and Thursday by sending an email to the Versatel Marketing Representative Sandy Versatel ( This isn’t actually a person, but a sophisticated Bot program that will send you an evaluation involving reading a pre-recorded script.

Once you complete it successfully, you’ll be invited to join the company via Skype or at a satellite locations in Jamaica which where you’ll be given Paid Training. Payment is done via a PayPal account (Deer, 2015, September 9) or via Western Union and you are paid Weekly, NOT fortnightly, a big plus in my book.

If you’re a member of Upwork, you may also be paid via their payment platforms, which includes Paypal and Payoneer (Deer, 2015, September, 10).

Ok, so what client will you be working for at Versatel Marketing?

Versatel Marketing – Virtual Call Center that pays US$4 for Health Insurance Sales

So basically, Versatel Marketing has a Health Insurance client. This means that this is a sales job, as you’ll be selling Health Insurance to American customers abroad.

The Work shift is as follows:

  1. Monday to Friday 10am-7pm EST
  2. Saturday and Sundays off (this is fixed)

The base salary US$2.75 to US$4.00 or basically JA$338 to JA$492 per hour with a commission for achieving a certain number of Sales and other KPI (Key Performance Indices) such as:

  1. Handle Time
  2. Quality
  3. Adherence
  4. Sales Targets

This works out to be a maximum of JA$19680 per week or JA$78720 per month, not including overtime. Throw in overtime and bonuses from sales and other KPI and you could be looking at JA$100000 or more per month!!

Ok, so now that you know the salary, what are the qualifications required?

Versatel Marketing – Work Qualifications and Computer and Equiptment required

The requirements for the job are quite simple really and should be clearly stated on your resume and can be split in to two parts:

  1. Work Qualifications
  2. Computer and Equiptment

In terms of Work Qualifications, you need to have had at least 6 months Sales experience working in a formal call center Environment, but people new to sales can apply. You’re voice needs to be gentle and you should have a neutral or American accent!!!

The Computer and Equiptment Requirements are a bit more important

  1. Desktop Computer or Laptop
  2. Intel Core i3 Processor
  3. 4 GB to 8GB RAM
  4. Google Chrome Browser
  5. 12MBps or higher Broadband Connection
  6. UPS (Uninterruptible Power supply) to guard against power cuts
  7. Headset with noise cancellation microphone
  8. Work Area designed room fitted with anechoic filters

The work area needs to have noise dampening covering, such as pointed sponge on the walls to eggs carton cases that can reduce reflected noise and external noise.

Also, your headset need to be a noise cancelling Headset that filters out external noise as well, as your calls need to sound as if you’re in a quiet office space.

So if you have all the above qualifications, then your mindset also needs to be in gear. You need to not only be goal-oriented, determined and focused, working with the minimum of supervision and always being on time for your schedule.

You also need to be enthusiastic, confident (Deer, 2017, February 26) highly motivated and hardworking with a competitive can-do attitude. Sales is a competitive environment and not all call will go your way, as the real money come with meeting sales quotas, so you must be an optimist (Deer, 2017, February 26) above all else, as there is money to be made in sales.

If you’re interested, read up on details on this exciting offer below from Versatel Marketing and apply:

Versatel Marketing Website

Versatel Marketing Facebook  Page

Versatel Marketing Facebook Group

Apply to: Versatel Marketing Representative Sandy Versatel (


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