How Jamaicans can make money from collecting Red Stripe Bottles

“Red Stripe uses returnable glass as part of a broader sustainable approach to doing business. It reduces cost and leaves less of an impact on the environment, but only if those bottles come back after our consumers have finished enjoying our products”

Business development manager at Red Stripe, Rochelle Clarke, commenting on their Glass Bottle Return Program

Yes Jamaicans, you may not realize it, but you can make money by collecting glass bottles. Red Stripe has begun to formalize a relationship with independent bottle collectors (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2018, January 13) in a bid to collect more of their glass bottles from their brewed products.

Returnable glass bottles have a lifespan of four to five years. Red Stripe can save some US$2 million from in 2018 alone.

Red Stripe plans to re-invest this money into their long-term sustainability plans to improve efficiencies and productivity and the independent contractors will help them realize this goal, to quote Business development manager at Red Stripe, Rochelle Clarke: “We now have a structured system which includes these independent contractors who help us to bring back the glass. It works for them, it works for the consumers, and it works for us”.

The company is now on a recruitment drive to increase the pool of collectors, with bus driver Courtney Ewen being the latest to join, quote: “I immediately jumped at the chance to relieve them of the burden and at the same time make some money”.

He notes that many in the Portmore area who stored the bottles to sell during the Christmas season or back to school period to help offset expenses had a challenge in getting them to Red Stripe.

So after Red Stripe had formally approached him to become an independent bottle collector, he began talking to many potential clients, as the potential to help the environment and make money was now possible, to quote Ewen: “I’ve always been concerned about the environment, so when I heard about the chance to earn extra money by collecting bottles for Red Stripe, to do this as a business, it was a definite yes for me”.

Red Stripe even pitched in with Red Stripe branded shirts to put many at ease when they are approached by the independent bottle collectors who may be rolling through, asking for their empties, to quote Ewan: “We have contracts, business cards, and Red Stripe branded shirts to help with marketing. People are cautious of strangers when approached about business ventures and things like collections, so these marketing tools help me to have easier conversations and buy-in from householders”.

Red Stripe still has ways to go; they need collectors all across the island, as Rochelle Clarke points out, quote: “We now have a small number of contractors, but we’re looking to expand that group so that we can have collectors right across the country. Interested entrepreneurs and consumers with bottles to be returned can call our hotline at 1-888-429-5225 for more information on bottle return options”.

You can become an independent bottle collector by calling Red Stripe on this number:



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