How Jamaicans can keep their House Safe When Traveling

Before going on a vacation away from your home you’ll need to spend a few moments thinking about how to protect it from damage or theft while you’re away. Protecting your home when you’re away traveling and putting up deterrents to theft is inexpensive and won’t take much of your time.

Save yourself the headache of worrying about what’s happening to your house or apartment but getting it ready to spend a few days or weeks by itself.

Here’s how you can great crafty and devise your own personal home security plan.

Home Security in Jamaica – Install Cameras

You can buy a good set of imitation security cameras for less than $20. You don’t need to set anything up and by installing some above the main entrances to your house you’ll ward off most criminals who would rather avoid a house with cameras.

The useful thing about these cameras is that you can monitor them from the Internet and check on your house while you’re making your way to these recommended RTW destinations.

In addition to your fake security camera system you can also go to the local hardware store or purchase a home security monitoring sign. The kind that companies put in front of houses to advertise and let people know the home is under surveillance.

Again, you don’t have to spend money on the actual system, most criminals aren’t going to take the chance and will just move on to the next house, leave yours safe while you travel.

Home Security in Jamaica – Let the Neighbors Know

Your next door neighbor or the one around the block you’re friends with makes one of the best security systems. They can keep an eye on your house and park their car in your driveway, as well as pick up the newspaper from time to time.

They’re in the area anyway so it shouldn’t take much effort for them to take a look at your house every now and again and give it the impression that someone is home when you’re really halfway around the world.

You can store some of your valuables things using nearer storage service like storage units Atlanta until come back from the trip. They will take care everything for you.

Home Security in Jamaica – Put Timers On Your Lights

Again, you want to give the illusion that your home is occupied when it’s not. A good way to add to the overall effect is to install a few light timers around your house that turn on and off at different times.

You could also have a house sitter come by or stay at your place while you’re away. Provide them with a few snacks in the cupboard and you’ll be getting free security while providing the person a place to crash for a bit.

Home Security in Jamaica – Hide you valuables

Finally, it’s important to lock away your valuables and important papers. The best method is to install a solid safe into the foundation of your home that can’t easily be removed or picked up. If you’ve got a PC you can remove the hard drive and lock that up or just encrypt the contents.

Fellow Jamaicans, if you rake these precautions you can live in Jamaica without burglar bars, as camera will snap them and neighboutrhood watch will catch them once the timer lights come on when they think nobody is at home.

Best of all, with you valuables hidden, they’ll be empty-handed while being caught red-handed in the act.




How Jamaicans can renovate their kitchens after considering these 5 important things

When we are finally able to start doing some renovations on our kitchen or any room in our house, it can be really exciting and most of the time we want to get started as quickly as possible. Before you start bringing out the hammer and smashing your old cupboards apart, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you have done first.

While there are probably more than five things that you should do before hand, these are the things that I find to be the most important. The things that you should really, without a question, have done before you dare to begin with the construction part of home renovation.

Building the kitchen of your Dreams – Figure out your budget

Most of the time home renovation will go a little bit over your predicted budget but you should really have a good and written out idea of what you would like to spend and how much your absolute limit is.

Take your plan for your home renovations and add up all of the costs, do not forget about all of the little things that you have to pay either because those are the things that are going to add up the quickest and cause more problems with your budget.

Building the kitchen of your Dreams – Plan out everything

You need to plan out the following really:

  • What you want to keep
  • What you want to get rid of
  • What you want to change

This can help make sure that your budget is right. If you know exactly what you want to have done and have it planned out, you can hopefully eliminate the chance that part way thought the project you find four or five other things that you want to do and did not include in the budget.

You may sometimes need to replace furnishers and others home appliances or you need to store things while renovation process, in this case you can use storage units like storage units Indianapolis until the innovation process done.

Building the kitchen of your Dreams – Choose your appliances, cabinets and flooring

These are going to be some of the most expensive things that you have in your kitchen-remodeling package so these are the things that needs to be decided on first.

Once you have this figured out you should have a pretty decent idea on how much money you have left over for all of the little things.

Building the kitchen of your Dreams – Start on the little things

This can be a long list depending on how extensive you want to get.

Usually though this list includes things like the walls, do you want to paint them or have wallpaper? Or the lighting, do you want one big, dramatic light or do you want to have a few small and decorative lights?

Make a list of all of the little ideas that you have and then pick out your favorites within your budget.

Building the kitchen of your Dreams – Find a good contactor in your area

This is of course a rather important step. You want to make sure that before you hire the home renovation contractor that you have talked to them extensively about what you want in your kitchen renovation and make sure that they have the experience and knowledge to do these things.

Also make sure that you get a good price quote so that you don’t end up going way over budget.

That’s it folks. Once you’ve gone through this five step process, you can renovate your kitchens within budget, making it the cooking paradise of your wildest dreams. Sharing is caring so share this link with as many people as you can!!

How to Choose the Right Queen Mattress

For quite some time now, consumers continue to select a queen mattress for its value and optimal size. When one values space in their bedroom, a queen mattress proves to be an ideal solution over a king mattress size or full mattress size.

While most consumers may not have a large bedroom, it is vital to determine what is a worthy trade-off for your mattress concerning space. Check this comparison guide between queen and full mattress. If a queen mattress seems like it may be too big, it is still recommended to spring for the larger size because a full size mattress can definitely get pretty small.

So, in the case of bed and mattresses, size definitely does matter. This is why a queen mattress has become quite a popular choice. If you are experiencing sleepless nights due to the bed cramping is suggested you switch to a queen mattress.

Regardless of how comfortable your mattress is, if you do not have enough space to spread your limbs while sleeping, you will face bed cramping. However, while the size of a mattress is important, there are so many options for types and manufacturers of queen mattress products, it can definitely be quite overwhelming.

 Queen Mattress Types

The size of a queen mattress varies from country to country. For example, a standard queen size mattress is about 60 by 80 inches in US; on the other hand in Europe, the standard size is a bit wider as well as shorter which around 63 by 78 inches is.

Of course this is not the fixed size for queen size mattresses, since you have always option to buy a custom made mattress as per requirement of yours. Based on the material, there are various types of queen mattress but the common types are; latex and memory foam, air mattress and innerspring.

Whether your bed is box spring type, slat and platform type or loft type, every type of queen mattresses are available for each type of bed. A queen mattress may be a bit expensive than mattress for conventional double beds. So, one must consider cost but there are plenty of options available.

However, the price of these mattresses are lower than king size mattress since the size is smaller as well. Besides a regular queen mattress, luxurious more expensive queen size mattresses with pillow tops, memory foam zones and extra tall profiles for more comfortable night’s sleep are also available.

Always remember, if you do not have habits such as the tendency of toss and turn during sleep or sprawl out over a large surface and already have sound sleep in your regular double mattress, a queen mattress is not necessary for you.

Besides there are also people who experience weird feeling and discomfort in case of sleeping in a larger mattress such as queen or king size mattress. So, try to understand your requirement first before looking for buying a queen mattress.

 Tips for Buying a Queen Mattress

The prime difficulty of choosing the right mattress is to identify the optimum firmness factor or softness factor. Most of the people think that softer mattress means more comfort in sleeping but they are entirely wrong. Very soft mattress may cause you severe bed cramping.

Higher the firmness factor of your mattress is more support you will get for your body while sleeping. However, that does not mean a rock hard mattress is the ideal mattress for sleeping, since mattress that unable to distributes pressure evenly across your body will not capable of providing good support.

For this reason, very hard mattresses that do not bent with the shape of your body will also cause bed cramping. The ideal factor of firmness or softness is not constant rather it depends on the position of sleeping.

There are three basic positions of sleeping; on your back, on your side and on your stomach. Among them sleeping on your back is the healthiest way of sleeping because your body gets maximum support in this position.

Since the supporting surface is smallest for people who sleep on their sides they should be more careful while deciding the firmness of the mattress of the mattress.

Mattresses which are featured to fill in the gaps in the contours of the back are best choice for back sleepers, just keep in mind that the mattress does not feel like a wooden board and the softness is enough for comfortable but not more than that.

As I have said earlier, side sleepers are putting the most weight on smaller areas of the body and have higher risk of back pain, there mattresses should be a bit softer than back sleeper’s and if you are too confused to decide the right factor for firmness, you can always choose air mattress since you can change the firmness by reducing or increasing air pressure.

Therefore, when one is shopping for a queen mattress, it is important to research and consider all relevant factors such as cost, firmness and quality of construction.

Interior Design Tips for Bedrooms

When you are thinking about bedrooms there are many different interior design tips for you to use. Take a look at the following and see how you can use these tips in your own bedroom.

Colour of you Drapes – Choose Fabrics to match your bed covers

One of the first things that you may want to think about is to use the same color, design and fabric of the covers on the bed with the drapes on the wall.

This will automatically give you a designed look for your room. Along with this tip would be to choose colors and fabrics first, then choose everything else after that.

Another one of the interior design tips for bedrooms would be to use warm, pastel or neutral colors in the bedroom. Bright colors are not conducive to sleep. Here is another tip for you to think about and that is the flooring in the bedroom. Use warm materials like carpet for your flooring.

Tile is cold and not pleasant to step onto when you get out of bed in the morning. If you want a darker room, then use a darker wall color and have the curtain a shade or two lighter for best results.

Bedroom Furniture – Bed and Furniture in Harmony

This choice of colors should be applied to the choice of your bedroom furniture as well. If you planned on purchasing new furniture and moved out your old unwanted furnishings, you want to make sure the space you are working with is clear of tiny knick-knacks and tiny messes.

If you already have a storage unit near you like storage units Fort Lauderdale, you can place some unused belongings around the house to clear up some space. 

Lighting – Setting the mood right

For lighting issues, a great idea from interior design tips would be to use up lights, lampshades and pin lights for mood lighting.

This, along with a center light will be perfect for your lighting needs.

Fan vs Air Conditioning – Fresh moving air for a good night’s sleep

Remember to also invest in good linen or cotton sheets along with a good pillow and mattress. This will also help your sleep as well.

If you want fresh air, then put a fan either on the wall farthest from the window or in the ceiling for a good air flow and less energy cost. This is true especially if you use an air conditioning unit.

Mirrors – The Illusion of Space

Mirrors make a room look larger and can be all you need to give you the illusion of space. Also when it comes to wall décor, one of the most popular interior design tips is to go through your child’s artwork, magazines or art books and have a picture framed.

This saves on the cost of decorating the walls with pictures and gives you a unique picture to boot. You may also want to consider having extra storage space inside your bedroom to defeat the clutter. Keeping your room clutter free and neat is important. Your bedroom is a very private space.

The Bedroom – Oasis from Reality

All of these interior design tips will work with any bedroom. The bedroom should be comfortable and be an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. No matter which ones that you choose to use, you will be making your bedroom the ideal place for rest and relaxation.

After all, you spend 1/3 of your life here. It should be comfortable and be reflective of your style and personal taste.

A comfortable bedroom makes for a comfortable person. So using these tips in the bedroom can create a comfortable and safe place for you to rest and rejuvenate from the world at large.


How to disable the timer on the computers in an Internet Cafe

Hello again fellow Jamaicans. Hate it when you are at a Cybercafe and you’re unable to get more time because the time ran out?

Here’s a handy way to extend that time using a simple procedure:

  1. Create a new text document.
  2. Write CMD and save it as bat, which is a batch file
  3. Find the batch (.bat) file and run it. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see that CMD (Command Prompt) will open.
  4. Write in the CMD: cd\windows to change the directory to WINDOWS
  5. Type regedit and regedit editor should open
  6. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>AppEvents>Software>Classes>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Internet Settings>Policies>System
  7. Right click on the right pane where it says Disable Task manager
  8. Scroll down to modify, then change the value of it to 0.
  9. Open the Task manager by pressing the keys “CTRL+SHIFT+ESC
  10. Find the entry for the Internet Cafe’s timer. It is usually named after the Cyber Cafe timer on your computer
  11. Right click on it and End Task.

An alternative method works as follows as show in the video below.

If you have access to the search bar, use the following steps:

  1. Run gpedit.msc
  2. Go to Administrative Options>System and then Ctrl+Alt+Delete Options
  3. Select Remove Task Manager
  4. Select Disable in the popup menu
  5. Right click on the Bottom toolbar
  6. Select Task Manager from the popup menu
  7. Find the entry for the Internet Cafe’s timer. It is usually named after the Cyber Cafe timer on your computer
  8. Right click and select End Task

That’s it. Two different ways to skin the same cat!

Once you disable the Cyber Cafe timer program, you can use the computer for as long as you like. Sharing is caring so share this with your friends!!!