How to Choose the Right Queen Mattress

For quite some time now, consumers continue to select a queen mattress for its value and optimal size. When one values space in their bedroom, a queen mattress proves to be an ideal solution over a king mattress size or full mattress size.

While most consumers may not have a large bedroom, it is vital to determine what is a worthy trade-off for your mattress concerning space. Check this comparison guide between queen and full mattress. If a queen mattress seems like it may be too big, it is still recommended to spring for the larger size because a full size mattress can definitely get pretty small.

So, in the case of bed and mattresses, size definitely does matter. This is why a queen mattress has become quite a popular choice. If you are experiencing sleepless nights due to the bed cramping is suggested you switch to a queen mattress.

Regardless of how comfortable your mattress is, if you do not have enough space to spread your limbs while sleeping, you will face bed cramping. However, while the size of a mattress is important, there are so many options for types and manufacturers of queen mattress products, it can definitely be quite overwhelming.

 Queen Mattress Types

The size of a queen mattress varies from country to country. For example, a standard queen size mattress is about 60 by 80 inches in US; on the other hand in Europe, the standard size is a bit wider as well as shorter which around 63 by 78 inches is.

Of course this is not the fixed size for queen size mattresses, since you have always option to buy a custom made mattress as per requirement of yours. Based on the material, there are various types of queen mattress but the common types are; latex and memory foam, air mattress and innerspring.

Whether your bed is box spring type, slat and platform type or loft type, every type of queen mattresses are available for each type of bed. A queen mattress may be a bit expensive than mattress for conventional double beds. So, one must consider cost but there are plenty of options available.

However, the price of these mattresses are lower than king size mattress since the size is smaller as well. Besides a regular queen mattress, luxurious more expensive queen size mattresses with pillow tops, memory foam zones and extra tall profiles for more comfortable night’s sleep are also available.

Always remember, if you do not have habits such as the tendency of toss and turn during sleep or sprawl out over a large surface and already have sound sleep in your regular double mattress, a queen mattress is not necessary for you.

Besides there are also people who experience weird feeling and discomfort in case of sleeping in a larger mattress such as queen or king size mattress. So, try to understand your requirement first before looking for buying a queen mattress.

 Tips for Buying a Queen Mattress

The prime difficulty of choosing the right mattress is to identify the optimum firmness factor or softness factor. Most of the people think that softer mattress means more comfort in sleeping but they are entirely wrong. Very soft mattress may cause you severe bed cramping.

Higher the firmness factor of your mattress is more support you will get for your body while sleeping. However, that does not mean a rock hard mattress is the ideal mattress for sleeping, since mattress that unable to distributes pressure evenly across your body will not capable of providing good support.

For this reason, very hard mattresses that do not bent with the shape of your body will also cause bed cramping. The ideal factor of firmness or softness is not constant rather it depends on the position of sleeping.

There are three basic positions of sleeping; on your back, on your side and on your stomach. Among them sleeping on your back is the healthiest way of sleeping because your body gets maximum support in this position.

Since the supporting surface is smallest for people who sleep on their sides they should be more careful while deciding the firmness of the mattress of the mattress.

Mattresses which are featured to fill in the gaps in the contours of the back are best choice for back sleepers, just keep in mind that the mattress does not feel like a wooden board and the softness is enough for comfortable but not more than that.

As I have said earlier, side sleepers are putting the most weight on smaller areas of the body and have higher risk of back pain, there mattresses should be a bit softer than back sleeper’s and if you are too confused to decide the right factor for firmness, you can always choose air mattress since you can change the firmness by reducing or increasing air pressure.

Therefore, when one is shopping for a queen mattress, it is important to research and consider all relevant factors such as cost, firmness and quality of construction.

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