How Jamaicans can cut Glass Bottles without a Glass Cutter

So you have a lot of Wine bottles lying around and possibly some Red Stripe Bottles.

While you could gather them and even start collecting them for sale (Deer, 2018, January 14), you could cut them as shown below.

You may even use them to make your own rooftop garden (Deer, 2013, July 31)!

How to cut glass bottles – String and Fire Method

The main method of cutting any bottle is by using the String and Fire Method.

This involves soaking a string in alcohol or Acetone and then wrapping it around the bottle at the point that you want to cut.

Then you light the string while it is wrapped around the bottle on fire as shown in the video below.

How to cut glass bottles – The Cooking Oil Method

Another method of cutting glass involves using cooking oil.

In this method you fill the glass contain to the level you want to cut it. Then you place the glass bottle in a basin and fill it to the same level of the water in the bottle you want to cut.

Then you pour some cooking oil into the basin until the water is evenly covered with a layer of oil. Then heat up a piece of metal, such as a nail or a knife edge with a blowtorch until it is red hot.

Then quickly drop it into the water as shown in the video below.

In an instant the glass bottle is cut and cut perfectly as well, as the water –oil layer makes sure the heat is delivered precisely.

The main problem these methods are that it results in imperfect cut, requiring you to use a sand paper with a gentle grade to rub down the jagged edges. Hence I’ll introduce you to the next method!

How to cut glass bottles – The Nichrome Wire Method

A better method involves using an old charger and a nichrome wire to heat the bottle precisely at the spot you want to cut.

This delivers the heat to the exact spot and thus allows you to cut the bottle very precisely. Best to use ice cold water to dip the bottle in as the colder the water the cleaner the cut!

With a little practice, you can make works of art using this method. You can always use a glass cutter which you have to buy of course, so these methods are best as any Jamaican can afford them.

How to cut glass bottles – The Solder Iron Wire Method

This involves using a solder iron to heat and cut out specific shapes in the glass bottle.

This method is more for the artisan who want to make artistic designs in bottles. Careful though, as this method is very frustrating and requires patience as the cracks have a mind of their own!

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How Jamaicans can build a Portable Solar Water Heater

Need to have hot water in the morning!!? Also, does it have to be portable?

Then this handy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project is for you to make a Solar Water Heater. This is very similar to using sunlight to distill water (Deer, 2013, February 5) or make a solar foundry (Deer, 2013, April 16) using a Fresnel lens.

However the gear required is a lot different as this video explains

You’ll need:

  • 50″ Copper tubing
  • Black paint
  • Tower clips
  • 20″ by 20″ board
  • 27″ by 27″ plyboard
  • 2 23 1/8″ lengths of lumber
  • Two 20 1/8″ lengths of lumber
  • Pipe to hose garden adapter
  • 10 Countersunk screw

You basically will follow the instructions as show in the video and build the Water Heater. It produces a sustained temperature of 73.8889 C (165 F) at a flow rate of 0.5 gallon per minute.

This is more than sufficient to produce hot water using the sun for any application on a given sunny day.

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Artistic Dimensions, a festival for all ages, raises funds for Arts Students

Kingston, Jamaica makes way for the 6th staging of Artistic Dimensions, a festival for all ages. The event serves to preserve Caribbean culture and identity. Proceeds benefit the Artistic Dimensions Fund which provides financial assistance annually to struggling yet promising students of the Arts.

In the first few years, funds raised could only cover one student, however in recent years enough funding was raised to cover 2 students. Join us as we continue to increase these numbers.


Artistic Dimensions 2017 showcased filmmakers from Jamaica, Florida, Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago, along with special guest performances from Nickeishia Barnes and much more. 2018 will see more talents on display and even more involvement from countries across the Caribbean.

  • DATE: JUNE 3, 2018
  • TIME: 12noon – 10pm

JPent Studios is the entertainment conglomerate for the Caribbean focusing on Film and the Performing Arts. It is our aim to uplift the younger generation through the Performing Arts and Education with the attempt to preserve the Caribbean’s rich and unique culture.

It focuses on satisfying the need for increased platforms from which young entrepreneurs may showcase their Art and make it possible for them to create sustainable careers.

Through Theatre, Film, Event Planning, the Visual & Performing Arts, we focus on the distribution and promotion of positive, and entertaining material which speak to universal solutions.

For more information please contact, 876-824-1432 / 876-779-5281