How Jamaicans can build a Portable Solar Water Heater

Need to have hot water in the morning!!? Also, does it have to be portable?

Then this handy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project is for you to make a Solar Water Heater. This is very similar to using sunlight to distill water (Deer, 2013, February 5) or make a solar foundry (Deer, 2013, April 16) using a Fresnel lens.

However the gear required is a lot different as this video explains

You’ll need:

  • 50″ Copper tubing
  • Black paint
  • Tower clips
  • 20″ by 20″ board
  • 27″ by 27″ plyboard
  • 2 23 1/8″ lengths of lumber
  • Two 20 1/8″ lengths of lumber
  • Pipe to hose garden adapter
  • 10 Countersunk screw

You basically will follow the instructions as show in the video and build the Water Heater. It produces a sustained temperature of 73.8889 C (165 F) at a flow rate of 0.5 gallon per minute.

This is more than sufficient to produce hot water using the sun for any application on a given sunny day.

Sharing is caring so share this with your friends who need a portable water heater!


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