Supreme Ventures Limited #SimplyVestedinLove 2nd Staging back-to-school programme inspired by Nurse’s Heroism

Jamaicans got another chance to help loved ones with back-to-school preparations when Supreme Ventures Limited launches its second #SimplyVestedinLove back-to-school programme on Monday, August 13.

This is the second staging of the online-based outreach programme that encourages persons to help their friends and family send their children back to school in September.

This year’s campaign is aimed at reaching more persons and has shifted from a social media based initiative to the gaming company’s brand new website. Persons wishing to get involved in #SimplyVestedInLove no longer require a social media account, but should visit and complete the online form.

The entry form requires participants to submit their contact information and that of the beneficiary they are nominating for assistance. The most impactful stories will be chosen as beneficiaries of the programme that closes on Friday, August 24. Under the programme persons can be nominated to receive gift certificates for textbooks, stationery, uniforms and other school items from local retailers.

SVL Assistant Vice President, Group Corporate Communications, Simone Clarke-Cooper said the response to the initiative last year was overwhelming and as such the company could not pass up the opportunity to stage it for a second year.

“#SimplyVestedInLove celebrates life changing small acts of kindness by ordinary Jamaicans and focuses on persons asking for help, not for themselves but for their fellowman. It’s that basis of selflessness that we focus on. We all know someone who needs help and sometimes we cannot render the assistance that is needed, but through #SimplyVested Supreme Ventures can facilitate that act on kindness on your behalf and make a huge impact one act of kindness at a time,” she said.

Simply Invested in Love – Nurse’s inspiring story caught Supreme Ventures Eye

In 2017, #SimplyVestedInLove assisted 100 students from 37 entries to the tune of $2 million to get back into the classroom. Mrs. Clarke-Cooper says they plan on helping even more students by increasing the number of beneficiaries.

“This year we plan to assess and award benefits to 100 entries, 50 per week, to maximize the assistance we have available and to spread the benefits even wider than last year. We want to help even more families achieve the dream of education for their children,” she said.

SVL’s #SimplyVestedInLove programme was inspired by the heroic actions of intensive care nurse at the Bustamanate Hospital for Children, Nurse Davia Tucker who saved infants from a fire that broke out in the Intensive Care Unit in 2017.

Nurse Tucker’s decision to share the accolades and gifts that were given to her by Corporate Jamaica, including Supreme Ventures, with the other hospital employees who assisted her efforts inspired the ‘each one help one’ focus of #SimplyVestedInLove.

Mrs. Clarke-Cooper explained that while Supreme Ventures has lent its financial support to various initiatives at the national level, #SimplyVestedInLove is a chance for the gaming company to localize its outreach efforts to the everyday Jamaican.


Simone Clarke-Cooper

Assistant Vice President

Group Corporate Communication, Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited

Tel: (876) 562-6222

Stephanie Todd

Communications Officer

Group Corporate Communication, Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited

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