JustBet Mobile makes Pre-game and live winnings go to NCB Quisk account

We wanted to offer new and existing players the convenience benefit of being able to place bets from the comfort of their home, offices or while on the go.”

JustBet Brand Manager, Danielle Douglas, commenting on the launch of JustBet’s Mobile web-based application system

Back in September 2018, JustBet officially launched their mobile platform. Now with a Quisk account, you can place wagers via the new JustBet Mobile web-based application system.

This is yet another use of mobile money that may see it go more mainsteam, as it makes betting from your smartphone more convenience and flexibility to quote JustBet Brand Manager, Danielle Douglas: “Once you have registered and have a NCB Quisk account, you can carry out the entire betting transaction online. There is absolutely no need to come into one of our stores to top up or claim prizes, everything can be carried out on the new mobile platform”.

JustBet Mobile is powered by Supreme Venture’s global technology partners, Intralot and NCB Quisk. Along with Supreme Venture 100 physical locations islandwide, avid fans and JustBet aficionados can now bet from their comfort of the most convenient device in their hand.

JustBet Mobile Betting Options – Pre-game, live as winnings go to your NCB Quisk account

The mobile option is not a watered down version of the JusBet website. Rather it offer additional functionality that the website doesn’t offer, such as:

  • Real time odds updates
  • Pre-game Betting options
  • Live betting options

Best of all, once you win, your prizemoney is send directly to your NCB Quisk account. They can then withdraw their winnings from any NCB ABM island-wide.

Upgrades are in the offing from Supreme Ventures, who are moving towards to making more of their games mobile, to quote Assistance Vice President, Corporate Communications, Simone Clarke-Cooper: “We are forging ahead with moving our gaming services to mobile and the JustBet mobile platform is part of that push. We recognize the need for user convenience and accessibility and going mobile will provide this to all our gamers here and elsewhere”.

So you can watch the game from your couch and literally bet on the game as it occurs, to quote Ms. Douglas: “Bet, watch the match, and then bet again during the match if you desire”.

Persons can visit http://www.justbetja.com/getstarted for more information on how to sign up for a JustBet Mobile betting account.