KSAC, Duhaney Park Police needed to address Victimization, Intimidation and Vandalism

Dunahey Park is slowly becoming a very unhealthy place to live.

Already 3 persons, 34-year-old Craig Murray, a mason of Brook Valley and Pauline Burke-Fraser, otherwise called ‘Judith’, a vendor of Burroughs Avenue (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2019, February 9) and 22-year-old Kevin Hinds, otherwise called ‘Mussu’, an electrician of Annandale Avenue (The Jamaica Observer, 2019, February 9) have been killed in the area.

Another resident, Mrs. Pamela Pitter (876-791-0333) suspects that she may be next murder victim in the area.

She began complaining about victimization, intimidation and vandalism in the area, specifically at her address at 60 Milton Avenue, Duhaney Park, Kingston 20. The longtime resident has written to the KSAC and the Duhaney Park Police with regards to having a clean, healthy and peaceful environment…….but to no avail.

She has faced threats to her person and has had her house stoned, destroying her windows and other property.

Garbage has also been dumped at her home and she has also been stoned by residents of the community.

Mrs. Pitter has embarked on cleaning her home and fencing off her property on Wednesday February 27, as many individuals from the community use outside of her property to loiter and have sex with prostitutes.

However, her fence was destroyed by Thursday February 28, 2019.

Additionally, there is a truck license CM 4011 parked on her property that needs to be removed or towed. She had reported it back in December 2018….to date nothing has been done!

She reported this and the aforementioned matters to the KSAC and the Duhaney Park Police, yet nothing has come of her complaints.

60 Milton Avenue Duhaney Park Kingston 20 needs action from KSAC and the Duhaney Park Police or only death and destruction will remain of the Duhaney Park Community!


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  2. The Jamaica Observer. (2019, February 9). Three killed in two Duhaney Park shooting incidents. Retrieved from http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Three_killed_in_two_Duhaney_Park_shooting_incidents




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